Haven't posted in a week or so. Not sure how I'm doing. Stil

Haven't posted in a week or so. Not sure how I'm doing. Still really miss her. Still not able to sleep. But we are talking more now. Dunno if I should get my hopes up that we might reconcile. If I should even open myself back up to that. But ****....I still love her. I don't know how to turn these feelings off...wish I had a magic button to just shut the love off

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Ya feel your pain buddy ..

I was wondering how you were doing. is there a reason she is back on your doorstep, so to speak?

@norseduncan I’m not sure…the only contact we’ve had since she left was email…she got a new phone and wasn’t giving me the number…then on Tuesday I was outside in the driveway and I looked up and saw her driving past. We waved at each other and then a minute later my phone was ringing. It was her. So I’ve got her new phone number now. So we’ve kind of been texting. She stopped by today to for a few minutes and we chatted. I’m not sure what is going on. This has hurt me. Bad. Worse then anything has before. But still all I want is for her to come home. I’m not sure what would happen if she showed up and wanted to work on it. Could I forgive her for leaving me like that? Would she do it again? But after everything I still do love her…shit…why isn’t life simple?

because, as I pointed out in another post, we can work muscle groups to gain physical strength, but we need life to strengthen resolve. I think be very very careful here. be mindful of your best interests, which she may or may not have in mind

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Hi kevin, i know exactly what your feeling, ive been there last year. She contacted me after 3 month of separation and i broke no contact that i was doing to concentrate on myself and to get my life back together. Be carefull coz love makes blind and makes you forget the bad that happened very quick. Remind yourself what happened and if you want to go back to the start of all the pain coz it's a possibility. I got back with my wife after 3 month separation just to be rejected again two month later. Not saying that would happen to you, just keep it in mind. To be honest i couldn't tell you if she came back what i would do and that scares me. Look after yourself and best of luck

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