Having a difficult time accepting aging illness,and death. I

Having a difficult time accepting aging illness,and death. I hate being alone. I hate having been shamed as a child and it having hindered my adult relationships. Too late to change things now.

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I don't think it's ever really too late, but I know it must seem that way. Do you know if there are support groups (online or in person) for your type of illness? That could be a good place to at least make understanding friends.

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Thanks for the thoughts. Turned out there were corrupt people there. It was also a dual diagnosis group. They said things were private in the group but it looked at least one was video taping via their smart phone. It was creepy.

I hate being alone too-it does stink. Have you considered a pet? Many of my single friends consider their cats and dogs their best friends. I know you tried a support group and it didn't work, but I hope that you won't give up trying to find a way out of the way you feel. You can always post here-we care !

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ThanKS. Tonight I broke down and took a sleep medication I stopped because it impacts my vision. I am desperate to rest. Within 2 hrs my vision declined and I’m still not asleep. :frowning: I think I’m having anxiety but maybe just frustrated. Ugh