Having a good day today. I think talking to people really he

Having a good day today. I think talking to people really helps. Hoping everyone here is also having a good day.

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Good day for me too so far! Yes support on here really helps and makes me look at things differently in a much more positive way. I just need to make sure i check in daily i think to keep me on track! Good luck! :)

Checking in every now and again is a good idea. So far, so good. Good luck to you, too! :)

Keep it up! :)

Thank you!

Yay! I am having a good day also. I have been 5 days strong without b&p. Not to say I didn't struggle. A couple of those days were rough. Still trying to figure out my triggers. I have been walking away and reading a book just to focus on something else. So far it has worked. I have books on my phone now just for that purpose now.

@lostJL Awesome! What books? I love reading. <3

That's wonderful! I had a lot to eat at the end of today, but it wasn't a catastrophic binge. Am a little disappointed in myself, but no purging, and today was much better than yesterday. Recently took out a lot books, however, which I think have definitely helped keep me distracted. Reading Geneen Roth, which is amazingly helpful, and a few fun graphic memoirs. I'm really glad today has been a good day for you too. :)

@laurlovesbubbles @laurlovesbubbles Never heard of Geneen Roth! Will check it out. :slight_smile: No purging is amazing, and eating a little too much is far from a binge. You’ve got this!

Women, Food, and God (not a religious text) is an amazing read for binge-eaters. I've never read anything quite like it.
And thank you!

@laurlovesbubbles I wondered about that. Does “God” refer to inner divinity?

Very much so, in this context.