Having a Hard Time Concentrating

Wow - what a difference my ADD meds have made for me - last week on was on Dexedrine and now this week I'm on the generic of Adderall. The Dexedrine - although not working as well as it first was - was actually doing SOME good - and you don't realize it until you switch to another med (which my new one is NOT extended release - so I have to cut the tabs in half - but my body cannot handle the full dose - my pulse races and my heart beats irregularly. Soooo frustrated. I can't afford the generic of Dexedrine because my insurance doesn't cover it - and it's almost $300! (compared to $40 for the generic of Adderall). At least the Dexedrine kept me awake and focused throughout the entire day - with out making me feel all weird. Now I guess I'll have to spend half the day (hopefully) feeling focused and awake (because the Adderall tabs are 30 mg - and my body just can't tolerate the full 30) (The Dexedrine was 15 mg - extended release) - I'm HORRIBLE at explaining myself - does this make any sense??? I just don't know what to do??

Synchronicity - can you talk to your doctor about this? or maybe to your insurance company to see if they can help with the payment or change coverage? I hope they can do something to get you the right brand and what works for you.

I have terrible insurance - my husband’s boss stopped their group insurance plan (he works for a very small company) - so now we’re on our State coverage plan and they won’t cover these types of Meds (My doctor knows this) - I was on Dexedrine (the generic of it) and it was waaaay more expensive - so now I’m on this - too bad because the Dexedrine was working much better :frowning:

Hi Synchronicity,

Is it Generic Adderall D-Amphetimine Salt Combo? If yes, make sure you don't drink caffeine with it. My 21 year old son made the mistake of drinking coffee with his ADD meds and he had the same effect you described (rapid heart beat). He stopped all caffeine intake after that... Hard to do in Seattle ;-)

Otherwise, you definitely want to talk to your doctor about the issue. Keep in mind, you can always get a second opinion from another doctor - they may suggest a different med.

Take care!



Yes - that’s exactly what I’m taking! And yep - I downed it w/my daily can of Diet Mountain Dew. Can you have caffeine at all while you’re on it?

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and let me know of your son’s experience with it. Tomorrow I’ll try taking it with water and see what happens! :slight_smile:

Ugghhhhhh - I actually took at NAP today - and I haven't done that since before I took the Dexedrine (which just shows me that that one WAS working) I feel soooooooo tired... I hate it. but I can't afford to keep taking the Dexedrine.... I'm so frustrated. I just CAN'T go back to taking daily naps (that last 3-4 hours) and they I lay in bed wide awake for hours.....

so sorry Synchronicity. talk to your doc about whats happening. maybe do some research on prescription coverage or any ways you can get a discount on it.

Hi Victoria - Thanks - I’ve been spending the past couple of hours researching drug interactions and such online. I’m definitely not going to let this continue - it’s just so frustrating - dealing with the ups and downs and all side effects… but I’m preaching to the choir I’m sure :slight_smile:

Call the company to see if they help. It does happen. They make so much money off the drug that they can help somepeople. SEEn it happen.