Having a meltdown i HATE MY EX SO MUCH .. i don't know why

Having a meltdown i HATE MY EX SO MUCH .. i don't know why even fell back for his trap im so tired of this.. i just want to meet someone new and forget him and heal.. im tired!!!!!!

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Its hard to not hate someone when you feel he has messed up with you, perhaps playing unfairly with your heart but......hate is an emotion that holds you back, it fills your heart with so much negativity that there is no room for love, joy, happiness. If you are hoping to move into a new relationship that will "heal" you, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I'm sorry about what he did to you, preserved or not he hurt you & you must, before you can really move forward (you are going to think I am mad) forgive him. Only then can you shed the pain, the regret, the hatred that so fills you. I advise not looking for anyone at this stage, be by yourself for a while, work on you, your emotions. I fear, in a lot of cases, we end up blaming completely the other person who break's our heart, but in reality, we must accept, at least some of the responsibility of why it came to an end, otherwise we risk carrying those negative thoughts & emotions into the next, & the next, always wondering why you cant seem to pick "the one". I have a revelation for for you, "the one" is actually "you". Learn to love you so you can learn to love him, whoever that may be. I hope you can see where I'm coming from, & that you will find him, eventually.

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