He calls yet again

*sigh* I'm finally stable at last, but what does tend to throw me off is the fact that my creeper bugs me. He texted me out of no where....and well what he asked for made me afraid of my own phone. I'm no *****, never! But this leads to where I began, why did he do it? And why me? I want to know, but then don't. I want to know, and I don't know how my friends will react with me chosing this path. My thoughts go back to how he wants me...and his vile thoughts...sick man. Now hes the main reason why I like girls, and maybe decide on boys.

hi honey aimeemay , i'm trying to read between the lines and it sounds your mr texted wanting sex of some sort. there was aboviously something between you at one time and sounds like it was not healthy for you based on your post.

not sure what you want/dont want to know but what ever it is it has you afraid of what you friends may think. now maybe this relationship/non relationship is what is unhealthy and you can't seem to break away.

also seems as a result of whatever this relationship/unrelationship entailed you are now questioning your own sexuality? just some observations from reading your post. wish i could help further hun. but the ball seems to be in your court....do you or don't you? what is best for you in the long run? available if you'd like to chat further honey.

Aimeemay - wiffyatthehub is right in all that she's said.

Clearly this individual had quite an impact upon your life. What that impact was, or how if affected you is quite apparent. You seem to have lost your identity..."Now hes the main reason why I like girls, and maybe decide on boys." You shouldn't give him this power. I know it's hard to believe but there are good, honest, loving guys out there. I know after any hard experience, especially when it involves people in a relationship - it's hard to comprehend or take on board anything that may be said in kindness. But it's the honest truth. There are guys out there, who would do anything to love you, provide unto you the support you need.

My earnest advice is not to give into his "booty call" - Don't satisfy his needs just because he's come a calling for it. He clearly knows that you have a soft heart - he knows which buttons to press, and by sending that text message it's already gotten you questioning yourself.

I know what it's like to want to be wanted - you crave it and when someone offers up that, you'll do anything to hold on to it for as long as possible. But don't lower yourself to his wants and needs. Don't do it. You are worth so much more :)

Many thanks! He just reallly creeps me out at this point, As in I want to hurt him. Phew hes far away.

I can imagine - I once dated someone like that - he was extremely emotionally manipulative - and would say things and do things to get me to change my will or perspective. But you know what? Don't even bother with hurting him - honest. He may have a number of issues that even he's not aware of. Hurting him, won't take away any pain he's caused to you - it'll leave you satisfied for only a little while. Just try and do what you can to move on with your life. Change or block his number from contacting you. You take control over your own life. Leave him be, and don't allow him the satisfaction of pushing your buttons :)

Thanks, and I be okay, Good. I have me best friend in the world close to me like a brother. My other one who protects me too.