He had abt 6 good days. Even was there to take me to my doct

He had abt 6 good days. Even was there to take me to my doctor appt yesterday. Which the cast came off. Still can't bear weight on it. Then he disappeared this afternoon. I just don't get it. Why go through withdrawal just to go back to using ?? He was also suppose to help me try walking again. I just wish ONE time I would be wrong

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Unfortunately making it through withdrawal doesn't make a person not addicted anymore. All it takes is a familiar sight, sound, smell, or wayward thought to start that itch again. Sorry to hear he disappeared. Hopefully it's not for what you fear.

It is what I fear. He left to drop off his car for his dad to use and was suppose to come right back. 20 mins tops. ThAt was 2 o'clock. And it's 630 now. Plus his dad said him and the car Are not there. I just figured with no phone. No money. And having to give his car to his dad he would stay good. But I guess that's not the case

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@ArynBarney does he have “friends” who would “help” him out?

I feel like his mom enables him. Money. Phone. Wise. It's ridiculous and I can't believe his dad lets her

@ArynBarney maybe they think that being loving and generous will change how things happen?

If I can learn that it's not the way in a year they should know in 10 years. It's def not his dad. I'm losing it right now. I can't walk but I am abt to crawl to my car. No one understands.

@ArynBarney Maybe they don’t want to accept it. Are you sure it is a good idea to get in your car and operate pedals when you can’t walk?