~He slapped my face and shook me like a rag doll, dont that

~He slapped my face and shook me like a rag doll, dont that sound like a real man? Im gonna show him what a little girls made of...~
i tried experimenting with my makeup. it still wont cover the bruises. My brother said "why bother hiding them, its your war paint."

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Hun, are you still with this horrible man?

@CKarma its my moms husband, and i have a protection order against him.

Still so beautiful with your black eye!

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@Aceland thank you! you’r so sweet.

I"m so sorry- I hope you stay safe

So sorry this is happening to you dear! Does your Mom know this is going on?

@Liberty2014 yes.

Didn't you have court today?

@clover01 yes the judge granted the protective order for 7 days till they have a hearing.

I have been looking your posts and comments... I really affected so much.
Your story caused very strong and complicated emotions. I don't know how can ı express my feelings now. I desire to support you...

@Sefa its ok. and thanks it means alot seriously.

Good...i really hope things work out for you. Keep in touch!

@clover01 me too and i will.

please let us know of your progress-

@northernbayfree i will :slight_smile: