Healing My Anxiety

Hi everyone my name is Bailey. I’m new here and so excited to share my insight on anxiety. I suffered for years with anxiety and it isn’t until this year where I completely healed. I haven’t felt, “bad nerves” in a while. I would love to share how I healed myself and hopefully it will help you. I know how trapped you can sometimes feel while going through a panic.

First thing that helped me was appreciating the NOW.
Often times when we are dealing with panic and anxiety it’s because we are in the “future”. We are thinking of things that have yet to occur. We have our minds making mental movies of what could or could not happen. APPRECIATE THE NOW. Look at your hands and feet, listen to your breath. Ask yourself if what is stressing you happening at the exact moment you’re feeling, “nervous”. Remember that you don’t have problems but you do have life situations. Things happen but it’s how you react that makes a difference.

Remember that your mind likes to play tricks on you if you allow it. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What am I going to think about next?” Often times no thoughts will come about.