Health Effects of Eating Disorders LONG POST but important

hello my wonderful friends,

I recently printed out all the health problems associated with eating disorders and it was shocking how long it was! 4 pages long!!! So I will shorten this --and leave the most important information.

--Amenorrhea: not having periods for a shorter amount of time is secondary amenorrhea. when it last 6 months or more it is called Hypothalamic amenorrhea.

--Anemia: one third of anorexic have mild amenorrhea. this can affect oxygen levels in the blood and cause fatigue...

--Arrythmia: the heart is a muscle and starvation deteriorates it--and heart faliure is a risk.

--Atrophy: atrophy is a wasting away of muscle from malnorishment.

--Low White Blood Count: Leukopenia( low white blood count) occurs in 50% of anorexic pateints.

--Cardiovascular Risk-- heart disease is the most common cause of death in people with anorexia.

--Cathartic colon: severe constipation or cathartic colon happens a lot in bulimia.

--Digestion Health. Ed can really affect digestion and a lack of enzymes can really hurt your digestion

--Head dizziness: lightheadness of fatigue.

--Edema: swelling in the cells as a result of excess water accumulation in between the cells.

--Electrolyte Imbalance: electrolytes are essential to the production of the body's natural electricity that ensures good teeth, bones nerves and muscles. with a disrupted electrolytes---death can result.

--Esophagatis: is an inflammation of the esophagus.

--Estrogen levels: low body weight causes females to stop producing estrogen resulting in amenorrhea.

--Tooth enamel Erosion; bulimics have problems with this from the gastric acids in the mouth from vomiting.

--Forgetfulness: lack of food affects the brain as the brain needs food, therfore memory loss ensues...

--Glandular Problems: A gland is an organ in a body that sythesizes a substance for release such as hormones.

--Heart Attack: EDs commanly raise the risk for heart attck especially from electrolyte imbalances.

--Hypoglycemia: this is low blood sugar from starving or B/P.

--Hypometabollic state: anorexia often results ina starvation induced hypometabollic state where the body shifts to conserve resources( weight gain).

--Hypothermia: this results in fat cells which the body's insulation becomes non existent and the person ends up feeling cold.

--Iritable Bowel Syndrome: is characterized by a group of symptoms which abdominal pain is asscoiated with a change in bowel movement.. it can cause swelling andbbloating of the abdomen , and diareah as well as also constipation....

--Musculoskeletal Problems: very common in people with ED. they can develop arthritic conditions and have muscle weakness.

--Osteoporosis: is when the bones become less dense and likely to fracture. about half anorexics have this.

--Pituary Gland Problems: ED can negatively affect all parts of the body..

--Low Potassium:Potassium is an electrolyte that is critical to the function of nerve cells and muscles --including your heart. it is very very important for your health...

--Renal Problems: or kidney damage, is a potentially serious even life threatening concern for those with ED.

--Seizures: increased risk of seizures is found on anrexics and bulimics from dehydration.

--Thyriod problems/Disease: thyriod problems are very common in people with ED--especially with anorexics.

--Vision Imparemment: because of lack of Vitamin A--vision may be impared.

--Vitamin Deficiencies: vitamins are a group of organic substances need by the body. people with ED most likely are malnourished...

and the last health problem----as a result of ED is---

So, my lovely freinds, THINK next time you want to lose weight. Do you really want your health with is precious --to waste away? Can you imagine dying or suffering for the rest of your life or giving yourself a lethal disease? Is thin really that important--compared to all that is on this post of horrible health problems?? I must say NO.
Do we even realize the damage we are doing to ourselves?
We are NOT immortal, no matter what ED tells us..

thanks, my freinds, for reading this !!!

( I got this info from Eating Disorders

Love ya'll


Wow Maureen. Thank you for all the info. Xoxo

It scares me that I suffer from 5 of those related complications listed.

thanks lilac--i have arthritis (muscularskelton problems) muscle weakness, IBS( irritable bowel syndrome--and trust me that sucks like hell!) gastritis/GERD, digestive disorders , fatigue, and when i had anorexia i had lot of heart problems--chest pain, arrythmias, rapid heartbeat ( that i had to go to the ER for)..

so yea it really really is dangerous ED--and so sad for me cause i lost a good portion of usage in my arms-and i cant do much from it now... most sports i cant do now, i cant lift things that well, cant open things, cant dance like i used to, cant move like i used to...

and the pain from arthritis is unreal..



ooooo two more health side effects from ED i know for myself: hair loss and migraines...really the list goes on and on....


I'm so sorry to hear all that maureen. I can add fatigue and hairloss to my list also. Depression should be on there too. My hands have been going numb lately, I didn't think anything of it but now think I will mention it to my doctor.

As the saying goes: what doesn't kill ya, only makes ya stronger.

Thanks again for the post :)

now, yes ---i am stronger for it all..i mean im weaker but stronger cause i overcame it...

thanks so much lilac!!! and you are welcome...

yes you do need to tell your doctor about the numbess in your hands--that could be circulatory problems...

thanks so for your reply!!!!!!

take care!!! hugz


Maureen and Lilac

First of all thank you for speaking up for me in my discussion post on steroids and them not making me hungy.
And thank you for voicing your concerns about my health. If I read the list of health problems associated with ED I can see that I have quite a few of them. My teeth all have cavities in them because of my years of bulimia. I have constipation and bowel trouble, not real serious, but enough, I suffer from migrains, I am starting to feel the coldness more often. My thyroid was very out of whack due to my out of ordered eating. And I think my list could go on.
Deep down I know I should go to the doctor but for some reason am so scared to do so.
I have a counselling session with my husband tonight during which my health will be brought up I'm sure. I also have an appointment with my psychiatrist next week. Hopefully I can sort out my fears and then bite the bullet and just make the appointment.
Maureen, I love the new picture and Lilac I don't know which one of the beautiful ladies you are in your picture but I honestly think both of them are beautiful.
Thanks again for speaking out for me and I really hope I haven't caused any friction anywhere between you and Whiteowl.
Love you guys

I have the red hair, the Caucasian one :)


thanks to you! i hope i wasnt to harsh on whiteowl , you know i was gonna go back on edit that--but ooops to late! ha, but i didnt like what he/she was saying to you...i guess some people on other sites think that the hunger control is so cool but it is soooo not and i could SEE he/she was triggering you and i didnt like all.. i did not think that comment was cool at all. i should hace gone easier on him/her but on well. we are protective on this site--as a rule...

im glad you liked the post. i think it is such an important one. really. we need to see how we are killing ourselves. i dont think we realize what we do till it is too late and then we end up suffering for the immortal thinking of ED we have to know we are not. Many people have died of EDs as it is the most fatal of all mental illnesses... those girls who died from ED--dont they wish they could go back in time and get help? it is too late for them. i think we forget about those who have passed on from ED casue we think it cant happen to us. but it can...

i remember jan gave me a bracelet of a girl who passed on from ED--that there was a foundation in here name( that is right , jan??? ) anyway, when i think of hurting myself from ED i look at that braclet. i imagine, if she were alive now--what would she tell me ? and what would she say if i was obssessing over a few pounds? im sure she would have said --please dont hurt yourself over a few isnt worth it...
her life is gone tragically and hideously but i can change mine..and my thoughts and attitude...

it makes me sad to think about her life could have been me....

i also understand the fear of postponing the doctor--i have an enlarged ovary which scares the crap outta me--and im putting off the OBGYN. but i will call soon. i have to find courage. you can too..

but thanks shana!!! and i am the blonde on the left with shoulder length hair! and the other one on the right is lovely JAN! my B-day pics!!!!!yay!!!!!!


Yes Maureen…it’s a website, created in memory of this woman. It is
I don’t know how active it is right now, but they hope to develop a foundation. Take care…Jan :heart:

aww lilac that is a great pic!!!!! it took a while for my computer to boot it up! LOL!!!!

i hope shana you do get medical help as i will get help for mine now , also...



Hey....great conversation! Thank you Maureen for posting this. It's so important to realize the true dangers of an eating disorder. These are so numerous, and don't even include the long term psychological/social issues.
Please everyone, get the help you need before it's too late!!
Jan ♥

thanks so much jan!!! yes it is soooooo important to remind ourselves of the dangers of ED. it is staggering jan–staggering the health dangers!!! and i know there are more dangers that arent even listed on here!!!
i feel my painful reminders of my past ED everyday…

and no this does not list the social/psychological dangers that are also present!

love ya!!!



thank you so much for writing all of this i have had do many issues that are right up there:
anemia, dizziness, irritable bowel, forgetfulness, i had a grand mal seizure when i stopped eating and drank nothing but espressos to lose more weight, so many of these things so many of these disorders
important and so scary and true

you are so welcome, browngirl!!!!!

i am happy i got this out as ive been menaing to...

it is very very serious the dangers of ED --we do forget alot of times the internal damage from the mental anguish from ED.
so sorry to hear of your health problems---i have IBS too and it is sooo hard!!!! i hate it. i do. i hate the swelling in the abdomen..ugh..and the pain and the ---craziness with the regularity---just sucks...

i love love your motto! focusing on overall health not comparision or perfection--i love that....
i caught myself comparing to some thin girls tonight and feeling bad--but it is stupid, stupid to do that. it only leads to misery.... and self hate and hate in general...

thanks! browngirl~

love an hugz


im so grateful for all your responses !!! i am happy to have typed this up cause it is so important to know how we are really hurting our bodies when we give into ED!


Hello Everyone!

Maureen - you are a STAR for posting up this information. I have quite a few of the symptoms and probably more which I don't know about. I am now more determined than ever to get better. You have given me new strength on top of the strength that was already there - double power!!!

There's no way I'm going to let this get me anymore. Tomorrow is a lovely new day and I feel like making it a whole new beginning. I feel like seeking all the help I need to make this new beginning as wonderful as I deserve it to be. I feel like living. Yes Maureen - your post has TOTALLY moved me - I'm going for it!!!


oh la la--

words cant describe how very happy that makes me, oh la la! im beyond thrilled--and thank you!!! thanks so much, it took quite a while to type that out but i knew it is imperative for us to know how we are killing ourselves; we should look deep within ourselves to stop us from hurting our bodies. our ED makes us feel so immortal but we need know it is not true... we can pass on from this.

when i think of all the pain i caused my body from ED i cringe. i feel such GUILT . GUILT was the first emotion i knew would give me power over ED and begin my recovery. guilt of knowing that there are people out there with fatal illnesses ---why the heck would i give myself one? why --cause the media is crazy and obessed with skinny? let them be....let them be insane. i want to save myself.

i honestly am beyond proud of you oh la la for that desire to conquer ED. i am so happy my post helped you with your fight with ED. today/ tomorrow is a lovely day and we deserve to live it to the fullest. i am so excited for you and i just know you can conquer this!!!! one day at a time!!!
im behind you!

thanks soooo much!