Healthy Eating Doesn't Have to be Expensive

I try to eat healthy each and everyday and I do it on a budget. Here is a great article giving tips on how to eat healthy on a budget;

"There is a rumor that healthy eating is expensive — not so. Healthy eating does not have to break the piggy bank. If you keep a few tips in mind, you can eat well without spending a fortune. With a little preplanning, conscious grocery shopping, attention to appropriate portion sizes, and some easy cooking hints, you can enjoy a delicious, healthy diet and keep the extra bills in your wallet.

Making a grocery list and sticking to it has been shown to reduce to the food bill because you do not buy the extras. These additional purchases are also often less healthy choices that result from impulse buying. Check out the unit prices and compare food items. Store brands are often less expensive and can be just as high in quality.

Many of us are eating more food than our bodies need. That said, we may also be taking in fewer nutrients. By keeping portion sizes under better control, you can end up with less waste and less waist. Why eat more calories than you need? Instead, save money and your health. On a national scale, the less extra food that needs to be produced, the lower the negative impact on the environment..."
        Source:, 11/28/10

Majority of us, sometimes, waist more food that we consume. Therefore it is good to restrict yourself from unnecessary purchases which are tempting but are not healthy.
Each of us knows what we can eat and what is good and tasty for us. Very good article. Stay well and healthy.

I agree Marcie, as a society we tend to buy in bulk rather then rationally.

Absolutely, we are such a buy in bulk society that healthy options tend to feel unattainable because the unhealthy foods are available so inexpensively in bulk. For most, that's the easier option because shopping's done for a while. When you eat on the healthy side, then that means fresh foods, thus can seem like more work, but it's really not. It's all about making a bit more of an effort for your health and well-being.