Hearing loss

Hey all. I'm sure all of you perk users have heard about painkiller abuse leading to hearing loss. The most notable and public case involved Rush Limbah's hearing loss. I was wondering if any o you has had a problem. I just started having some tinitus (ringing in the ears) and remembered the Rush story. I did some looking and found that even using a small amount on a regular basis can cause permanent loss!!! Scary!!! The new research shows that this the acetaminophen (tylonol) in the perks. In fact, in a study looking in a group of men using Tylenol only twice a week, hearing loss was great enough to necessitate cochlear implants!!! I'm just worried that I may have messed up my hearing!!! It took years for this tinitus to begin, but that seems consistent with the most recent studies! Ugh!! What have I done??? And yes I have noticed a bit of a loss of hearing in my right ear, as well!!!!

Dogluvr, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, I think that it's so important for us to be aware of the side effects that certain meds can have for the long-term. Is there any way to un-do such damage once it is done? Are you still taking percocet?

Wow.... that does make a great deal of sense, and it is somewhat scary as well. I have a real hatred for acetaminophen anyways, because of its wicked health risks, but I had never heard of the hearing thing. I do remember when I used to take a great deal of percs or vics on a consistent basis having my ears ring, and having to ask WHAT alot when other people spoke to me...I never really thought it was due to the acetaminophen. the health risks are so much with that stuff anyways is enough to make me not want it in my body, but this give me another reason to hate it. If you are worried about it, talk to your doctor and see if he will give you and your husband the 5's of oxycodone instead of percs, at least until you quit. Oh, and by the way, the ringing in my ears went away after about a month of not taking pills, so I hope that is a sign the ear damage can be reversed. Much love to ya!

Thanks for the advise, docs prescribed that for my husbands back surgery 6 weeks ago.

WOW, April

Yes, I'm still taking them. But now down to 2 a day, one at bedtime and one at 2:00am. I set my alarm clock to take the 2:00am one so that my RLS won't wake me up. I cut out the last daytime one when my ears started ringing and sort of hurting. I'm going to call the doctor to see if there are any pills that have the narcotic with ibuprofen instead of Tylenol. Anyone know if they make them like that? I also have sent an email to my neurologist to check in and see if there are any new drugs (non narcotic) out there for RLS. I've tried about a dozen already and they either don't work, or make me sick.
The hearing loss, according to the study I read about IS permanent!!!! And it's not mild, or moderate, or severe...it's "profound" hearing loss. I remember reading about "ototoxic drugs" (drugs which cause hearing loss) in college. But that was 20 years ago, I bet tylenol wasn't on the list back then!!! The ringing in the ears is a warning!!! Like when you go to a concert that's too loud!!! The ringing goes away, but long term exposure to loud noise can cause permanent "noise induced hearing loss". I imagine this ringing in the ears from perks is also a warning!!! VERY SCARY!!!! if you Google "painkillers and hearing loss" you'll find dozens of links!!! "Optimistic", I hope mine goes away like yours did!!! You mentioned how awful acetaminophen is....what else does it do?? I know it's AWFUL on the liver!!

There is a hydrocodone pill mixed with ibuprofen (Vicuprophen) which has similar analgesic effects to percs, but without the tylenol. Or you could get the oxycodone that is in the percocet without anything added. I think they make 5's, 10's, 15's, and 30's. Many doctors are reluctant to give the straight pill because many people snort it or shoot it, but if you have been taking them for a long time, your doctor should work with you. Tell him/her of your fears and concerns, and see if ya'll can work something out. Acetamenophen stores up in the body, and does some weird things to the enzymes in the liver....it is toxic and bad. I also think moving away from the acetamenophen would help with your goals of taking less pills....the body absorbs oxycodone more easily without the added junk, so you end up taking less to achieve the desired result.
Wishin you well !!!