Heart Issue Update

Hi, Friends... ♥

Just wanted to give an update and thank everyone for their support... I had my follow-up appointment with the cardiologist this morning... It was not good news. :P

My Dr. faxed my ECO and EKG results to a specialist in heart rate abnormalities. My Dr. said that I have SOMEthing, but he doesn't know WHAT... :0/ He said it IS fixable... But also that I need to move forward on this NOW, BEFORE school starts back next month... Ugh...

So... Next step... I have an appointment on Tuesday with the specialist. He will enter a vein (I think?) and send a scope up to the right side of my heart. He will make a 3D image and cause my heart to have the racing I've been plagued with for many years... Then, hopefully the same day, he'll zap the correct place to correct the problem. Sounds simple. And I'm FREAKING OUT...

Anyway... Just an update... I'll keep you posted as I learn more...

Love to you all! ♥


oh my god jen, im so sorry. this sounds a tad bit like what my fiancee went through, yet not nearly as serious. im so sorry, but the positive news is it is fixable! that is great and your problem will be fixed. he found something but it can be treated, i know it sounds difficult, heck i was freaking out on the day of my colonoscopy/ endoscopy and it went easier than i thought.... youll be fine, and it is good of your doctor that he found this and can help you!!!

we are here for you!



Hey Jen....does this have a name? Will this all take place on Tuesday? Do you have anyone who can be with you? I am so relieved that it is 'fixable', but it still sounds tentative. What does 'zap' mean anyway??
Thinking of you friend.....HUGS...Jan ♥

I'm sure it has a name, but I couldn't tell you... :P I guess I'll know more on Tuesday, but that is the same day that supposedly all of this will take place... My unconfirmed PSVT is due to an electrical impulse problem; the electrical impulse is getting stuck in a loop, causing my heart to race. So said my doc in AZ. But, because no one seems to be able to locate where this is happening, the specialist needs to determine that before it can be zapped. (Zapped is MY understanding.) ;0) They can apparently fix it pretty easily and quickly once they know where it is happening. He said it's very routine. Bleh---

I met with some of my teacher friends after this appointment this afternoon. We interviewed a teacher because one of my teammates resigned suddenly. :P Afterwards, I told them about the cardiologist, and a couple of them have offered to drive me. I HATE having to put anyone out like that, but I may need to... :P

Scared... Went to ACA. People kept looking at me funny, and two people approached me afterwards to ask how I'm doing. My fear is showing... :0/

I'm going to need some distracting this weekend. :)



Please keep us updated! You will be in my thoughts dear friend. Yes , please let your friends drive you and take care of you through this whole thing.

hey jen,

sorry to hear you are dealing with some significant heatlh issues. Health issues can be so scary, anxiety provoking, and produce a feeling of helplessness due to not knowing, and having to wait to see another doctor or have another appointment.

my first reason for signing on today (but couldnt find the post) I am soooo incredibly sorry for your loss of Casper. I know how much your cats mean to you. Losing a pet can feel devastating and I am sending love your way.

Keep strong with your health issues, follow up, and make sure to ask lots of questions-- so you understand and am comfortable with the course of treatment.



Jen: Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. what a blessing that you will have Jan there with you this weekend! I am sure that will be quite distracting...:-)
As you always say, BREATHE, my friend and it will be resolved.
Love you !!!!!

yes jen please keep us updated... ill pray for you. i know this is stressful, but bear in mind it can be fixed....im sure your doctor is good and can handle this easy.

im so sorry you are worried, as i would be to, but we are here for you, and molly is right, it is a blessing Jan will be there friday with you! now that is great!

love and hugz!


Oh Jen,

Ive been away so long i had no idea you were going through all this. Thank God it is fixable but i can definately understand you being scared. Hope you will have somebody with you when you go for the procedure.

Please keep us updated.

Sending my smiles and love

Even though I already let you know this over the phone... I am praying lots for you dear friend :) Hang in there and please keep us updated on what happens and how you feel! Blessings and love to you honey!

Thank you so much, friends! ♥

FG, thank you for your sympathies... Casper is sorely missed, but I know it was the right thing to do... Sad...

I'm breathing, Molly! :)

Maureen and Surrender, thank you!!!

Andrea, it's okay... I only went to the cardiologist at all because my outpatient program required health clearance, including an EKG. When my EKG turned out irregular, I was sent for an ECO and Stress test. With my history of tachycardia, I've been pushed to the next level of care... :P What happened to the easy health clearance??? :0/

Kasee, thank you! One of these days we will actually TALK! ♥

Love you all!

Yay for Jan coming in the morning!!! :D


JEN! SHUT UP! (not to sound like I'm freaking out or anything... LOL) Girl... I hope that you can let someone offer to take you. I totally know how that feels but still - LET someone help ya out and at least be there with you! I know any of us would drop everything and be there in a minute! We'll be with you in spirit!!

PLEASE keep us updated and know how special you are to all of us here!! We will be keeping you close in thought in prayer!!

ZAP THAT HEART and keep on going!! :)

Thanks, LA... ♥ Zap and Go. Sounds like a laundry detergent, or something. ;0)

In college my coworker told me of a heart abnormality that her brother had. His heart would speed up all the time, and he went in for that same procedure or something similar to it (this was 8 years ago). Everything went okay, and he is fine to this day.

I know you are really scared (I would be too!) so I am sending good energy your way. Try and replace fear with thoughts of how your life will be benefited from the procedure.

Sending you calming and positive thoughts,

Thanks, Heather! It helps to hear success stories. :) I've been dealing with this for a long time... The first time it happened, I was 15 or 16. I was at work, (Pioneer Chicken! Ha!) and was refilling the ice in the soda machine. I bent over to pick up the bucket and my heart TOOK OFF! Scared the hell out of me! Then, just like that, it went right back to normal. It didn't happen often, but continued to happen from time to time over the years. Then, 7 years ago, I hit an extremely stressful period... I was teaching full-time in a new school, going to Grad School, building my first house, and figuring out how to deal with a dangerous townhouse, unreasonable management, and their letigious threats. :P I reached the point where this racing was happening 4 or 5 times every day!! Yikes! By the time I got in to see a cardiologist, this period had passed, and I was back to occassional problems. Being told it wasn't dangerous gave me permission to ignore his suggestion of this exact procedure! :P So... My new cardiologist apparently thinks it's important enough to do NOW... :0/ The worst part... Well, the FEAR of the procedure itself! Also the unknown financial issue?? And the uncertainty... What could happen? How could my EKG appear irregular, but even the specialist doesn't know exactly what's going on? I don't like uncertainty... Ooooh... The GRAY fears. ;0)

Thanks for your support, dear! ♥



We will get the ‘scoop’ on things tomorrow!!
Maybe I should stick around next week? j/k
Hang in there…Jan

I'm glad you went ahead and took the next step in fixing this problem. Soon you will be feeling wonderful and all this will have been worth it.

After reading this post earlier today, I picked up the phone and scheduled a doctor's appointment that I have been putting off for some time. If I'm sitting here encouraging you to deal with your anxiety and fears, there's no reason why I can't encourage myself to do the same thing.

Heather, you ROCK!! ♥ Love to you!!


Good for you Heather!! I hope everything checks out fine for you.....Jan

Jen....after jogging my memory a bit, I believe that this procedure may be "ablation". Check it out....we can clarify it all tomorrow....xoxo