Heart palpitations and chemo treatments

Hello everyone,
I have just finished my 5th treatment of ABVD yesterday (3 more to go!). I frequently get heart palpitations right after and then again right before my next treatment. Additionally, I find myself coughing and clearing my throat a lot too? I told my dr. About this and he said it is somewhat normal but let him know if it gets worse. They can last all day long or just a few minutes. I had the ultrasound on my heart before I stared chemo and all looked good then.
Has anyone else experienced this during treatment? I hope I am not developing lung or heart issues at 38 yrs.
- Deana

Is there a possibility that the heart palpatations are coming from anxiety about your chemo? My husband got sick from anxiety before a couple of his treatments... the doc gave him some meds to help with anxiety and he hasn't had anymore problems.

Yes I take xanex for anxiety but it is always accompanied with some sort of chest cold symptoms. I see my dr. Wednesday and going to bug him about again . It is annoying and hard to sleep. I just hope the treatments aren't doing any damages to my lungs and heart.

Yeah, I had been wondering the same thing. Greg had developed a cough the last couple of weeks. Just a dry cough... he had his lungs and heart tested today, and it all came back normal. I was relieved!

HI Ddreal,

I experienced the heart papaltations and shortness of breath my doc redid the ultrasound on my heart and it came back normal and I had another lung function test and there was some damage and this happened when I was down to my last two treatments. Please have your doc retest you.

Thanks so much for sharing this info. I will bring it up to him on Wednesday when I go for my check up. Ms. P, how are your lungs now? What did you Dr. Do for you once you had some lung damage? I am wondering if after my treatments, the damage can be reversed??
Thanks again for sharing.
- Deana

I just had a high resolution ct. and I'm waiting on the results. My oncologist sent me to a pulmonologist who order this test so. Now I wait. I still have trouble breathing because we're not sure what damage was done but I will keep you posted.

How long did you have chemo?

6 months I had 2 treatments per month that is called a cycle of chemo. I was suppose to have six cycles but I had 5 because of the breathing problems. The chemo I had is called ABVD.

Yes, keep us posted. I am on my 3rd cycle (5th treatment) of ABVD and have three more to go. I will talk to my dr. and get more clarification on these heart/lung issues.