Heart Update

So... Tuesday was just a consultation with the arrythmia specialist. He seemed less frantic about my situation than my cardiologist. He explained that the cardiologist thought I might have a condition that he didn't see evidence of. Whew-- So... He also talked about the ablation procedure. He said that my heart is healthy and strong, the risk of the procedure is low and my prognosis is good. But... I DON'T WANT IT!!! :P So... I am compromising at the moment... I'm wearing a heart rate monitor for 28 days. I'll go back to see him on August 10th, the day before I officially start back to work. We'll reassess my situation and decide if my symptoms warrant ablation, or if it's something I want to just live with... :0/

It's interesting... I've worn the monitor for three days now... When I was given a heart rate monitor 7 years ago, it worked differently... Back then, the monitor wasn't actually connected to me; I carried it around and put it on to record things as they occurred. 7 years ago I recorded some abnormal activity, but my arrhythmia never occurred while I had the monitor. So, I had some doubts about it this time... Would it happen? Would I record anything? I have to wear it all hooked up all the time, which is a blasted pain in the butt... And my cats are far too interested in all the wires! ;0) LOL!

So far... I haven't felt my arrythmia happen... But last night a strange thing happened... I was kneeling on the floor, rubbing Ollie's tummy (cat...), and my heart rate monitor sounded the alarm. Scared the cats AND me! I looked and it said it was recording. I watched, and it sent the data off... So weird... Made me think that maybe my heart is having more trouble than I'm really aware of... I mean, I only FEEL my arrhythmia once every couple of months, but maybe there are other things going on that I'm not aware of?? :0/ It was so weird to set off that alarm last night... I didn't feel a THING wrong! :( Well... It's all good information, I suppose... And I never WANT my arrhythmia to occurr, but I admit I really want it to happen while I'm wearing this monitor... PLEASE prove I'm not crazy!! Hahahaha! And... Also, I really hope I don't need the ablation... :P

Wearing the monitor for 28 days will prevent me from being able to have the procedure before school starts back. But... At least I'll be done with the monitor before that, and will be able to make a well-informed decision... That alarm was scary! :P

Love you all!


Although terribly awkward to have, this heart monitor will allow the doctors to see exactly what's happening. It seems like an important step, so I'm glad you're on board with it.

Hopefully after these 28 days you will have the evidence you need to make a good decision. It's so much easier to pass something off if you feel okay, but when you're staring at a chart or numbers or stats, it's hard to ignore them.

I'm thinking of you every day.

p.s. if the cats bother the wires too much or want to chew on them, consider rubbing NON SCENTED white deodorant on the wires. One lick and they will leave them alone for good..


That would scare me too..Im relieved that this is all being checked out for you.And I hope it all works out for you.

Cats:)they are so curious aren't they.
I hope there will be some evidence found and a none invasive solution to correct it.like Heather says its so easy to pass something off if you are feeling fine.

I will be thinking of YOU!

Thanks, Heather and Grace! ♥

Still just the one recording... Getting a bit stir-crazy at home... Going to go to EDA today and then for a walk. Because I want to move my body, not to burn calories. ;0) Ahhhh... There is improvement! LOL! :)

Love you both,


Thinking of you Jen! Is there any possibility that the monitor is set to monitor random activity, just for baseline? Did he mention that? Just wondered.
Try not to worry...yeah, right....but I'm glad you are getting out today and I hope you share with the EDA group about what is happening. Please send them a Hello from me!
Take care...Jan ♥


No, he didn't mention that... It wasn't mentioned in the paperwork that came with the device, either, but perhaps I'll read it again later on. :) Will definitely share with EDA and pass on a hello from you! ♥

Time to shower! :)



Jen..I don't know that much about it, so I may be off base, but it was just a thought. Have a good meeting and a great day! Is the Corpse Flower fully open yet? I need to check it out online...Jan♥