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I think there is a better chance of hell freezing over first :)

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@Chuckles2283 i agree!!

There is no remorse or closure on their part and no answers. They're simply do not take any accountability nor have empathy to consider feelings of others. They merely seek other narcissistic supply to feel good about themselves. They justify by faulting the ex partner and fabricate stories to gain sympathy from friends and family. No contact and focusing on self love was my only resolution.

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@Alynn don’t you just hate that they always find someone else though to be happy with . That’s what upsets me the most is that it’s so easy for them to just move on and enjoy life the way they want to

@1tomanytears He really is not happy and never will be. That's why he keeps jumping and probably always will - leaving a path of destruction behind him unfortunately. Nothing and no one is ever good enough for them.

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@collateral damage yes agreed they will never be happy …my ex went on two holidays with the mistress introduced her to his family and friends next thing I know he tells me he doesn’t care if she dies(she suffers from depression) and he was embarrassed to be seen with her …yup no one is ever good enough for him they think they are King …literally …it’s a joke …and they will never be happy that is the reason they can’t be alone they need to feed on their victims until they find someone else then it’s the next person than the next …I feel sorry for the victims who think they can change them …don’t get me wrong I was one of them I thought if I did this and that then he would be happy…but that’s my identity y should I change it for his benefit and lose myself …you need to start to love yourself it is the hardest think I’ve learned to do and still learning

@movingon5 Funny, but mine actually told me he was king of the house and made the rules. And you are right, they always have to find a victim to belittle. If it wasn't me, he was criticizing a co-worker or one of our kids who could never do anything right. And yes, my identity involves caring for others. It made me think I was defective and needed to change. I have to learn to love myself all over again.

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@1tomanytears I don't think we did not love ourselves, but when someone keeps constantly beating down your self esteem and questioning everything about you, you can't help but start to believe it. And then you question your self worth, your decisions, everything. It's exactly why so many of us thought we were going crazy. Once you are out, you are mad at yourself for letting it happen and for questioning yourself. You have to work at getting back to your old self, but still have scars.

@collateral damage
You’re right, I use to have a passion for life and loved my life and was happy. With the constant beatings and put downs, I questioned my every decision and thought and it broke my self esteem and I felt I was going crazy because of his twisting the truth and story.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, this gave me a giggle that I really needed. Thanks for posting. :-)