Yes...there is an echo in here...tumbleweeds rolling by me...no sign of life except for the sound of my own typing...

Yes...I am very aware that I am the ooonnnlly one stuck at home tonite...its friday night here...and i'm sitting here typing to myself on my Herpes Supportgroup. How sad...I may ask Santa for a life...

You and me both. I have work tomorrow morning and I'm looking at new apartments online. We know how to have fun!


You are not alone...I'm here nursing my back..had muscle spasms...my complaint now is I'm gettin older ...at least I'm not complaining about the Big H tonite......lol....

Think I'll ask Santa for more pain meds.....lol

Well...at least i'm not alone with my sucky life. lol. I have to work tomorrow too (but its only 7:30pm here right now). So I'm whining. lol

dont worry, im home cleaning and setting up a fish tank, watching tv solo. enjoy your solo time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited about not doing anything tonight!

I think I'll ask God for some healing. I'm tired of living with this HSV2. I need to find a cure and quick. :( )

I do believe in healing...but I think for myself...this virus is something that will help me be more careful in my personal life. It will keep me from having casual sex with guys too soon. And will remind me that I have some things to be thankful for. If...no...when...I find someone who will love me in spite of the hsv...i will know its real...and not just a real good time. It will also remind me I have a responsibility to educate others about this virus and try to prevent it from being spread. So...God can heal me if He wants to...but if He doesnt...I'm okay too.

You guys are not alone I been at work all day and just got home and it is midnight and have to work tomorrow also and yes i'm alone in my home also. God will heal us in difference ways.

I'm happy knowing i'm not in this alone.

U all have got me beat. I'm off tomorrow so its even more lame for me to b n the house on Friday night. I just turned 30 & I feel like I'm 60! No freakin life outside of work....