Hello Again so glad I remembered this site


You may or may not have remembered but during the Summer, I attempted to over-come my ED (annorexia) without any professional help. Unfortunately, I quickly fell into bulimia...I'd never been here before.

I've been binging and throwing up a lot. It's been exhausting, expensive, demoralising, upsetting and (yes, I even tried to get rid of this one without any help too!) have been unsuccessful in getting through it alone.

Today, I went to the Drs. I've been put on medication, I have to go to a lab next week to get some tests done and I also begin speaking to a professional next week. My journey began today. I'm a little worried as I took my firt tablet but have been sick a lot this evening (from this morning's events) so I now need to concentrate on keeping the tablets down.

I hope everyone is ok.


Hey ohlala,
Of course I remember you. Glad you are back hun. And well done for going to the doctor. Sweetie i know how you felt, keeping thinking if i just get a grip I can get a hold on this, but it's not that easy, an ED is not something you can suddenly control...how foolish we are to believe it can be.

I've been in therapy for the past 2months and the things are going well. I know you will be flying it soon. And recovery is not an easy road, it has it's up and downs and quite a few surprising turns, but once your on it, you know you're on a secure road to recovery and that's what is most important.

Keep checking in...glad to hear from you
Moongal x

Hello Moongal!
I read a little bit which you’d written about your recovery last night (taking off the mask!) and it’s really motivating me to keep going! I know this isn’t going to be an easy journey but if I can make slow progress, the sense of achievement along the way will hopefully keep me on the right track! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress!


Oh_la_la...it's good to see you writing again. The recovery journey is a very bumpy one, and often we have to sort of get up and try it all over again.
It's great that you are seeing a doctor and planning to see a professional.
Please follow through with this, and keep asking for help.

Take care...Jan ♥

Hi Jan :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply! I think it’s important for me to foresee that this journey will take a lot of effort on my part and that (even though I’ve made this decision) it’s not going to be all smiles and laughter on the way. Having said this, I got help because I’d hit rock bottom and I’m pretty sure that things can only get better from now onwards so long as I keep my focus in the right place.
Take care too. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you're seeking the help that you need. It can be hard to admit when external support is needed, but it can be extremely rewarding! Also, remember that it takes more strength to admit when you need help than to be stubborn and try to stick it out on your own. Once again, I'm so happy you made this decision, and I hope you keep us posted. Hang in there--you can do this!

Thank you True Image!
It’s true, I can do this and if I can do this, we can all do it!!! I have immense difficulty in admitting to myself and/or others when I have a problem so this is an enormous step for me.

I am new to this site, so dont remember you from before, but am glad to see you here all the same. Am so glad you are reaching out. I'm sorry that things are a struggle for you at the moment, but I am glad that you are talking about it all and have asked for help... Step one accomplished! Well done!!! looking toward to hearing from you more

Lisa xx

Thank you Lisa!
Will be posting my progress here and am considering writing a journal on here too but this is something which might have to wait a week or so...don't want to take on too much too soon - it's already feeling quite over-whelming! Looking forward to hearing more from you too!

Oh_la_la...thinking of you...I know you can do this! Remember, recovery is not a linear process. Sometimes the most important lessons are learned on those difficult days!
Don't give up, and please continue to share!! Take care..Jan ♥

Hi Oh_la_la,

Wow! Congratulations for reaching out! That is great. getting help and admitting you have an ed is difficult and you have made such a big step towards your recovery. Believe in yourself and know that you have so much support here. nicole :)

Thank you for your kind words Nicole!

Jan: I appreciate just reading what you’ve said that there’s going to be bad days - today for example - just two days after I went to the Drs and I’m at it again - mainly because I messed up the medication amounts because I didn’t understand the French instructions - luckily no harm done but I had to take a day off work and lie about having food poisening which feels rubbish - weirdly ended up eating a load of rubbish and having to ‘deal’ with it. Right, so I’ll pick myself up and keep focused!

i am really glad you are reaching out for help and keep writing!


Your welcome Oh_la_la! Great positive thinking! Do just that. it's ok to have slips up but the most important thing to do is to pick your self up and keep going :) Nicole