Hello All ~ i am fwd'g a message from the SG Powers that be

Hello All ~
i am fwd'g a message from the SG Powers that be:

^^this site is very old and we are working on getting the site to a new platform^^.

that being said, ***Please Be Patient!***
as we all know, this URL sure can use some upgrading with all the Cyber Gremlins and glitches!!

...that is all.

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i'm not very hopeful actually... i get emails from the new platform which i cannot use. it asks me to sign up and re-create a new account. i can't use my O.G. username and i'll probably lose all the data i have saved from this URL. should they recreate a new URL, i'm abandoning this ship!

good luck to the future newbies and all the false info out there!

...standing by.

@a_survivor Yes, I don’t blame you. What is the new platform? They can’t even fix the simple issues here. I think they have a different agenda than solely allowing people to have support. I am grateful for all the knowledge and perceptions I have gained from you and others. Thank you.

Amen... We Shall See!

here is the New Link which my original username & password will not work:


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@a_survivor I will not create a new user I’d either.

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