Hello all, I am new to SG. I just joined yesterday. We're al

Hello all, I am new to SG. I just joined yesterday. We're all here for support in some form or another. As silly as this may be, Are there any here that do NOT already have someone to support them? Are there any that need support, but still finding it hard to ask for it? Are there any that need additional support? A friend or just someone to listen that will not cast judgement? If this IS you then please do not hesitate to ask or simply message me! Please note that I truly want to help and support those in need. Saying that, if you do message me BUT do not receive an immediate response, please know that I will. The last thing I want to do is offer this to those and they feel like I neglect them by not replying sooner. As mentioned, I am new here and only wish to do good toward others - the best that I can!

this is very cool of you!

How thoughtful! Very much appreciated!

WELCOME to Support Groups! I am Marlene, the Moderator for this Group and I am very happy you decided to join us!
If you have any questions and/or comments, just let me know. You can PM (private message) me at Marlene1105, if you like. Once again WELCOME!

@Marlene1105 thank you for the warm welcome and for the encouraging comments! i really appreciate it! hope you have a great day!!

Thank you! You are a very good person!

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@Marlene1105 you’re too kind!