Hello all! I have a question I feel like i may be getting

Hello all! I have a question
I feel like i may be getting my very first outbreak after getting hsv for the first a couple months ago. I feel a tingle/itch that hasn't gone away in two days. (I immediately began to treat myself like im "sick" in hope i can stop it but I'm not sure if I need to call and pick up my prescription of Valtrex..? I don't know how "bad" i have to get to pick it up :/ (im still somewhat new to this) i'm scared I probably triggered an outbreak for being a bit stressed lately ;___;

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I would have the Valtrex on hand just in case.
the secret to using Valtrex is to start using it as soon as you think an OB is s starting.
conversely, whether you want to take it or let your body try to recognize the monster and battle the issue by yourself, only you can answer that.

@a_survivor when i was given my prescription to valtrex it was enough for I believe 14 days. Do you recommend to always have a bottle of pills on hand? Would the pharmacy even allow you to up double the medication for future OBs? Or should i go back after i recover and stock up in case? Sorry if i dont make any sense :confused:

I called already to get my prescription ready so i feel a little betterish. But ive yet to get any open sores just tingling and a bit of an itch im so nervous and unsure :confused:

Order/buy some propolis extract & put it directly on where you feel the tingle twice a day. It works for me. Stops the tingle and takes away the outbreak for me.

@KG343 Thanks for the tip. I have a question about it though. Can someone who is allergic to be stings safely use propolis or could they have a reaction since it comes from bees?