Hello all. I was an addict for 6 years. I've been clean for

Hello all. I was an addict for 6 years. I've been clean for 220 days. I haven't had a bad day, in terms of wanting to use, in a long time. But tonight I am struggling. Its a lifestyle that I left and lost almost everything because of, yet when you are desperate for relief in some way- From stress and worry and loneliness and depression, sometimes your mind gets the best of you. And tonight is tough for me. I hope everyone is doing well!

well I am glad that you are here with us, clean for 220 days is amazing, and not easy to accomplish. How have you been able to stay strong through everything? hugs to you, you can do this!

Oh honestly I got to a point where I realized I needed help and that imwoild loose everything, so I itt myself in a place where it was harder to useand get things. Cut ties, lost numbers, and prayed really hard through it. I guess I just realized I had to choose what was more important. It hasn't been easy but ty for the support

Cravings, especially for opiates....it's like a ghost that never really goes away. When everything is conquered, there will still occasionally be that moment.....