Hello All. I was recently diagnosed with high risk HPV last

Hello All. I was recently diagnosed with high risk HPV last week. I am going in for my colposcopy next week. Any one on here had the procedure? I am very scared and already have suffered from long term anxiety. My partner is very understanding and he has been supporting me through this, however I am still very scared for the results after the procedure. Any kind words would be greatly appreciated.

I have had a colposcopy done in the past. Its a pinch and a little pain but the worst part is waiting for the results. Its better to be safe then sorry. I have more then just HPV so our situations could be different. Keep your chin up and think positive. Don't let the negative thoughts take over. It's wonderful that you have a great support system. That sure does help too. You will do great!!!!

I'm having to go in for my 4th colposcopy next week. Its uncomfortable but not all that bad. You can get through this! I also have extreme anxiety issues. It's tough but having an understanding partner is awesome and you are free to talk to me more if you need someone to just listen or any feedback from. Keep your chin up! We are all in this together.

I also have anxiety attacks brought on by hpv. The only thing that really calms me down, other than my supportive lover, is the notion that we have exactly one life to live. And letting a virus change the value of even a single day would be a mistake. We are healthy(mostly) and alive and have the world to look forward to. And even if something comes up in the results, we can only hope that the battle/ journey will be worth it in the end.

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mild anesthesia may be used during this procedure. Check with your doctor if they offer this service with your procedure. Sending happy thoughts your way.

I'm getting my first colposcopy in a few weeks as well. I'm very nervous about the results