Hello all I will have the pleasure to be available all day t

hello all I will have the pleasure to be available all day today with my new dell computer (yay) so for any counseling support on new years eve please feel free to comment below or private message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)

Stay Strong |-/

I don't think I need counseling. i just need friends, then this feeling of loneliness wouldn't be so gripping. So this is another Christmas and New Year's spent completely alone. I guess I'd rather have this than spend the holidays with people who don't accept me for who I am. Like my father, for example, who always wanted a boy, to the point that I acted as a boy whenI was a kid and even told people that my name was Mike. This man feels uncomfortable around me since I grew boobs and a bottom. Or my mother who said I was too ugly to walk down the street with. Or the aunties who tell me I am too thin and make me eat nasty fried stuff that makes me feel sick for days afterwards. Their love is my loneliness. But sometimes this loneliness is so difficult to deal with, my whole body aches.

@msiem Oh my God, get those people out of your life. You are better off alone. but I know all about loneliness, it is really hard, especially when you are afraid to walk out the door.

Also true.