Hello all, I'm new to the group and have recently came to

Hello all,

I'm new to the group and have recently came to terms that I have genital herpes. Almost a month ago, I started to see rash like bumps on my torso but just thought I had an allergic reaction to something but they really didn't itch that bad. It looked worse than it felt. Later, I saw it spread to my inner forearms and palms, I started to get concerned that it may be something much more... but when I saw the same "rash" on the shaft of my penis, I then had an assumption that it MUST be genital herpes. I spent a few hours looking up symptoms and photos and I don't really have anything other than the physical bumps. They barely itch, and it's not painful at all when I pee... I'm almost certain it's herpes.

2 days ago, once I finally figured out what I think it is, I became a little depressed but only for a day. I know it's not the end of the world for me. Plus, I am accepting the consequences of my permiscuous actions. I am a gay male and would always have safe sex when I'd hookup with a guy so im sure it must have come from oral sex or genital to genital contact. For a few months, I was pretty out of control so I guess I'm getting what was coming to me. I must admit, it's been quite humbling so far.

I havent been to the doctor yet; my health insurance just started today and I have my initial doctors appointment on this coming Saturday. I'm not nervous about it at all because I know I already have the virus. It's simply a confirmation. I'm more concerned about the drugs... I really don't want to be a slave to the pharmaceutical industry and wish to use a natural, holistic approach. I've been reading up on some remedies and it seems to be all over the place... some people say this, some people say that... I did get a hold of some lysine, st johns wort, and lemon balm oil so I'm going to start that and see what happens. Are there any other natural remedies that have worked for anyone?

I also come across a site called biogetica that claims to eliminate symptoms and outbreaks all together by using natural herbs and such. There have been a lot of claims about this being pretty successful. Has anyone ever heard of this company or tried it? I'm open to trying new things and not giving up hope that I can suppress this thing by using natural remedies without further outbreaks so that I can lead a normal life. What are your thoughts on not using drugs like Valtrex and similar drugs for supressing purposes?

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I have had H for 31 yrs. Most Herbal remedies are a waste of money IMHO. Keep your stress level down, meditate, eat healthy and keep a healthy immune system through healthy lifestyle. I do take Lysine as soon as I feel an outbreak coming on, but taking it all of the time is a waste. Valtrex is great. I have no side effects. As the years have gone by, I get less and less outbreaks. They are rare now.

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@Yimi . I’ve been diagnosed last July and i feel an itch almost everyday. It’s a mild itch and tingling.
I take valtrex everyday. other than that, i don’t know what else to do

You are the first person that I have come into contact in here that has hsv in your palm. The only place I have it I'd in the palm of my right hand. I'm so terrified of spreading out to other parts of my body. I'm taking valtrex. It works great for me. Stopped the constant itching and stored an outbreak that was coming on. I plan on purchasing st johns wort tomorrow. I nay get lysine eventually. I want to see what st johns wort dies for me first.

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@Mary76 yes, it was in the palms of both of my hands. i bought some lemon balm oil today, that seems to sooth the itch and i can see the spots in my palms starting to dry up and peel.

Well, getting tested is the something you should do just to make sure. Depending on when your exposure was, testing won't be accurate until at least few months in. IgM is innate immune response and will tell if you're positive closer to exposure. IgG is the adaptive immune response and will start appearing between 3-5 months after exposure. that's blood test. If you don't want to goto the doctor and want to rule out whether it's hsv or not on your own then there are independent labs that will anonymously test you.
This site is pretty affordable https://www.anylabtestnow.com/
If you're in Cali or AZ then you can get $5 labs (so envious of their progressiveness).

but anyhow, biogetica. Biogetica's Hyperisince was the first product I tried. I like ayurveda. I liked the herbs. Their main herb is, guess... ST. JOHN'S WORT!!! hahahahaha ok ok ok, calming down. but their formula doesn't just have SJW in it. It has Ashwaghanda, some other ayurvedic herbs to balance it out, clear heat, licorice root and some neem. It's a good formula and at a decent price compared to what other companies are charging. But SJW is the chief herb and there are people who have a bit of contention with SJW. The product is worth a try though. I think it's $48+shipping from India. I don't know about the other stuff they have. I didn't buy anything else aside from the Hyperisince. I just have 1 bottle of it and have moved on.

So yeah, using biogetica was one thing that worked for me. But taking straight St. John's Wort from Gaia Herbs was another level. I also have tried some other grades of St. John's Wort and haven't been as impressed as with Gaia Herbs'.

Homeopathic stuff is interesting. Depending on the day, I'll take homeopathic Zinc and thuja occidentalis. Thuja is antiviral and zinc is good for immune response. I've tried others but have noticed the greatest response from these two... then there's the whole theory behind it. goodness, yeah I don't know that much but I'm messing around with it little by little.

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@Sanguine101 thanks for this! i took the sjw twice today. i have been reading that diet is also key. luckily, i have been doing pretty well in that department. maybe that’s why i’m not getting migranes and painful urination? does everyone experience extreme symptoms if their diet isn’t good? speaking of… now do i have to worry about an outbreak every time i eat sugar? i love sweets… and that would totally suck. other than that, i’m handling this well mentally. i’m not depressed, although i’m a little sad when it comes to the dating part but i know it’s not the end of the world. i’m just looking forward to saturday so i can get fully tested on everything.

Lysine. But in saying ive been lucky i have 1 small sore and its itchy right where i had my first ob. Im hoping it goes away but not stressing about it.

so pretty much is everyone taking valtrex? is there any way around it?

I dont take it. I take lysine only. remember in general medication is for people who are having outbreaks constantly or taking out breaks all who wants to suppress the virus because they are in a relationship and want to minimise risk otherwise if your body is fighting the virus naturally and you're not having outbreaks there is no real reason why you should be taking it on a permanent basis. what is a lot about the health of your immune system so if you keep healthy you will not have outbreaks

@lisajd yeah my health seems pretty good so far… i guess i’ll find out on saturday when i go to the doctor. hopefully herpes is the only thing i have. i don’t know how i’d be able to handle any other ailment right now. i have a positive attitude and plan to keep it that way. i feel like the lesions are starting to heal; they are starting to dry up and itch. i got some vitamin E pills and have broken them and rubbed the gel on my torso to prevent scarring. i’ve been reading a lot about it. it’s funny how you get immersed into something when it happens to you.

@lisajd do u take Lysine daily or just when u feel an outbreak coming on?

@keepingmyfaith1 take daily but as I have a small itchy spot I’ve been taking it twice a day but I think it might depend on what be milligrams are of lysine in the actual products I know there are some that I probably higher or lower it just depends but the 1 I have has Internet I have a small itchy spot I’ve been taking it twice a day but I think it might depend on what be milligrams are of lysine in the actual products I know there are some that I probably higher or lower it just depends but the 1 I have has Zinc also.

I thought I should read up a little bit on St John's Wort as it has been a while since I considered it and I found a couple of sites with useful information that talks about precautions.


should probably use sites that actually care about herbal medicine. A lot of that data is not up to date. The dates of the references range from 1985 to 2001. A LOT has happened since then.

so i had my dr appointment yesterday and i told him that i was certain i had herpes. he prescribed me acyclovir (generic version) and motrin. yesterday, i kind of felt some neck soreness. i even pointed out that i had a visible bump on my neck and the dr said it was a lymph node. i'm on day 2 with the medicine and i do feel somewhat better today. i've been using lysine since last week and still taking it with the acyclovir, and applying lemon balm oil and vitamin E oil and i am starting to see some of the spots on my hands dry, as well as on my genitals. i got blood drawn and will go back in 2 weeks for my official diagnosis i guess. i still haven't really been emotional about it, i'm just more accepting the consequences for my promiscuous actions. what sucks is that when i'd have sex, i would always use condoms and keep it safe. i'm assuming i must have gotten it from just simple genital to genital contact. does anyone know when it is safe to engage in sexual activity again? even though you see your spots healing on your genitals, are you still contagious? i'm pretty sure when the spots are red and look irritated, you're more prone to spread it, and i think i may have unknowingly passed it on before i knew what i had because i hooked up with someone about 3 weeks ago. i really hope i didn't pass it on, i'd feel like a really ****** person. i really don't know how to tell this person that i have this virus... is it just best to leave it alone?

You should tell them there is a possibility that they may have it. Its the responsible thing to do. Explain you never were aware at the time. If they dont know then they are risking others.

@lisajd i am terrified of the reaction. i really don’t think i can do it right now.

I was scared to tell but i had to. If your dr is sure its hsv then tou need to be responsible. Text her if you cant talk to her.

it's a him... yeah, i'm gay.