Hello all - ive been prescribed adderall for two years and h

hello all - ive been prescribed adderall for two years and have just realized I have been experiencing a huge number of the side effects, mostly anger frustration irritability and mood swings, i was on 30mb immediate release twice a day, I now know this is a very large dose, these feelings of anger have effected my relationship really badly and my partner left me a few days ago, only days before that I had switched after calling my doctor and explaining the anger feelings to a way smaller dose of only 15 time released, i can not believe this has happened, I feel like a different person but it is too late my partner has left me and I am devastated.

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I am sorry. maybe the relationship can still be saved?

Thanks I certainly think it could be but partner won’t listen

Hi I CAN RELATE. I abused adderal in college. That was about 4 years ago. I would take one than need another one than another one than another one..... It has changed my life not for the better. The drug is not for everyone. I got on it because I was diagnosed ADHD who know learning disabled. or whaterver. Wish I would have never started taking it because eventually I got addicted to it. I loved the stuff until eventually it just completely wore me out. So I dont take it know. BUT. about three years ago I stopped taking it i was like "I'm never touvhing that Sh** every again lol" SO I stopped taking it and I got PAWS for two long years I felt like a crazy person drunk or something walking around i was so scared all the time. I have since gotten over that "drunk feeling" BUT to this day I have been suffering from migraines for 3 long years. I think its because I drink coffee "thing I'm currently obsessing over and addicted to" Anyone really sensitive to drugs and stuff? Like me I now I am. Currently have a headache right now, it hurst all the time. Its not a tumor or anything already got it checked out . But they are horrible .I hate them!

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anyone stop Adderall cold turkey? How did they feel?

@Here_again Hi there, Yes I voluntarily stopped Adderall XR cold turkey, almost ten years ago. I did it for other reasons that were not medical. The first week was tough! But you have to expect that your body , especially your brain chemistry will need at least a few days to adjust. I recall feeling very tired, grumpy and depressed for several days but nothing life threatening. However, to this day I’m still very leery about formulations of certain “stimulant” medications, but for now I’ll just leave it at that…Once I physically made the adjustment is when I really felt the impact of my ADHD come back with a vengeance. Mornings were the worst - cloudy, slow thinking, short term memory issues, maintaining focus and concentration. My energy levels were completely off for a couple months! One thing that helped was changing some lifestyle habits. I started P90X workouts regularly, changed my diet and lived clean. It helped me move on, but getting into great shape still never filled the void of how well I respond to life’s challenges when I take prescribed low dose stimulants. Can’t help the fact that I was born this way, and stims do wonders for me on many levels…Which is why I recently started back on treatments.

Tired.. tired , no energy to leave my house or bed

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I stopping cold turkey again right now. I a usethe hell out of adderrall the minute I get my hands on it. Nothing else matters.

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Friends I know all too well about adderall and everything that comes with it... People you have to be Careful Adderall is serious it's

It's...not... a joke... adderall works right away on your CNS central nervous system in your brain ok so if you can't handle it adderall can play tricks on you... this is your brain we are talking about... I'm not judging you...because I still take adderall But I have Researched and Studied Exactly... How... adderall... interacts... with... our... brain... And body's... so... I do... My best... to... take the... proper... dose... each day... And... take... it... as... smart as I can... so...with my schedule... I take my meds... Monday... through Friday... once maybe... sometimes... twice a day... 25mg... XR... extended release... I... don't... take... it on... weekend's... So I'm able to... rest... My brain and body... And get some rest... And... plenty... food... And then... Monday... morning... I'm... Great...

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I agree that you must be smart when taking Adderall, or any stimulant med for that matter. I've been treated on and off for my diagnosed ADHD with prescription stim meds from Ritalin to Adderall for 30 years. I recently went back on meds to help me reset and focus better. My doctor had me try Vyvance and a new extended release amphet called Mydayis XR. Which is made by Shire, the same pharma that started Adderall XR. So far the stim meds have been helpful, especially with cutting out my distractibility issues...But I also have some mixed feelings about medication too. Is anybody currently taking Vyvance or Mydayis?? I'd like to hear opinions as to how they work for you..

@jhtrain hi i used to take vyvanse it was actually really good… vyvanse is more gentle on your stomach then adderall but same effects as adderall and both can be very addictive so be very careful… you never want to build a high tolerance for these type of medicines… naturally your body is gunna build up a tolerance for the drug because it is a stimulant medication but thats where you will learn your proper dose and a balance… to your daily activities… only you really know your body and you know when something is not right… if you find yourself double up on doses then that’s when you need to back off of it for a couple of day’s Do to the fact that adderall and vyvanse and most stimulant medications suppress your appetite meaning your not gunna really want to eat much… You must come up with a routine… i take my medicine Monday through Friday i eat first in the morning then i take it… knowing that once you take the medicine your not going to have a appetite it’s best to eat first. Then take it. Iam able to focus and enjoy my work week… then i dont take it over the weekend that way i can give my brain and body a change to reciprocate from a long week im able to eat and get rest and also doing it that way your body isn’t buliding up too much of a dependence for the medication come Monday i start my routine all over and iam refreshed and ready