Hello all! New to the group; however, I have battled with se

Hello all! New to the group; however, I have battled with severe eczema my entire life and I figured I could share the things which have greatly helped me with the battle to put it into remission. All of the following are prescriptions, most being very easy to obtain with a doctor or dermatologist's aid. I take 30mg of Hydroxyzine every night which makes the itching almost unnoticeable, I apply Triamcinolone as needed, which suppresses my flare-ups in 24-48 hours (I also use higher strength prescription topical steroids for more severe areas; however, these have seemed to be more hit or miss than the Triamcinolone), and I use an in-home phototherapy unit 3 times a week, which uses UVB rays to push the eczema into remission. I thought that I would never get rid of the head-to-toe patches of red, dry, itchy, and painful flares which often kept me up at night to completely clear skin and a solid, reliable way to treat triggers and flare-ups!

That is awesome! Is your eczema triggered at all by foods?

@CKBlossom to be completely honest, we could never get to the root of my triggers! Was tested for allergies for everything under the sun and nothing came up so I’ve just had to battle flare ups as they come but its surely possible!