Hello All, So, for the last 2-3 months I have been ravage

Hello All,

So, for the last 2-3 months I have been ravaged by a rash that dominated my body. Once I realized this was no longer something OTC meds could help with, I turned to my medical team to try and figure some things out. After weeks of skin biopsies, prednisone, topical steroids, asthma meds and etc (and pounds of expensive lotions) I still have this **** rash. It has severely affected my quality of life and I've turned to this website to try to receive some answers from people with similar circumstances. I'm normal with my weight, 48 y/o and I eat clean.
This rash started with my arms, engulfing them and itching beyond my wildest dreams. Two months later my arms are pretty clear (85%) and just when things were looking up, it spread to my knees and behind my calfs. I think my detergent may play a role as I've tried every one of them. Clean and clear brands are a joke, as they still contain heavy doses of Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate which I think is a contributor but I'm not sure. So, I wash everything with baking soda. I guess it helps some. Three days ago I changed my bedding to a micro fiber type synthetic material and my legs broke out unbelievably. I'm on Dapsone, 2 Zyrtech in the morning and two at night, hydroxyzine and montulekast, and I suppose it helps, but I don't know. So, I got rid of those sheets and went back to cotton sheets. I'm pissed off because this has never happened before and I'm all out of ideas. I have ordered Dead Sea salt by the 5lb bag to do some soaks and see if that helps. I don't use any soap on my body accept for my face and privates and I've been using the Ceravae anti itch cream that's way overpriced which I'm on the fence about, not sure if it's helping. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, please be kind. I've been to all specialists and I've been blood tested and there are no major problems. Urticaria is what they have concluded.
I'm seeking any tips on how I can combat this nightmare disease, thank you kindly for reading.

I don't much advice other than continuing to an elimination process/trial and error. Everyone's different so it could be any number of things. Can you remember what things were different when your arms were clearing up? Maybe certain foods or products you didn't use as much? Where you live did pesticides or something of the sorts start getting used? Maybe temperature changes? Increase in stressors or stress in general? Anxiety. The best thing you can do is keep track of things. Start a food journal to write everything you eat in along with a corresponding note or a feelings journal. To see if there's any patterns throughout time. Also in the journal keep tract of your breakouts: pain/irritation level(1-10), the amount and body parts it affects, and medications. I hope this or something else leads to a solution for you :)

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Thank you very kindly for these wonderful tips and suggestions. I will certainly start a journal and do a “deep dive” into everything I eat, etc. Fantastic idea, exactly what I was hoping to gain here. Thanks a million!
Regards, D.

I am no dr. But I would probably first try the basics: aloe, apple cider vinegar and or epsom salt baths. Mine was totally due to anxiety, like you, nothing seemed to help. Sounds like you have been thru it all. :( good luck!


Thank you so much. I started bathing in Dead Sea salt last night and I’ve already noticed an improvement. Because everyone is truly unique, it’s a matter of trial and error. Anxiety is a huge contributor, however, after soaking last night, I slept like a baby. It was wonderful and helps with anxiety when you receive adequate rest. Thank you for your input!