Hello and Welcome everyone to the new Transgender Support Gr

Hello and Welcome everyone to the new Transgender Support Group!
This is a new group that's just recently been created to offer support to all transgender people, and to friends and family of transgender people.
I'm Davii, moderator for this group, that just means I'm here to check things are going smoothly, offer guidance to any new members, help with any issues that arise, and generally be supportive. You should all be able to private message me if you need/want to, although between other members you will need to mutually 'support' each other to pm.
In this group it will be very important for us all to be considerate of each others gender identity. So please be respectful and considerate when addressing peoples gender and when using gendered pronouns. Also please refrain from asking intrusive personal questions about peoples bodies. Questions in general are of course welcome.
For new members it's a great idea to check out the site FAQ's, you can find the link at the bottom of the page, or folow this link:

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Here are some good links for info and articles about transgender issues. Please feel free to add anything you've found helpful.






You truly make this group amazing, thank you @Davii for all the time and heart you put into this.

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@Hearmeroar thank you :slight_smile: and thank you for being such a great supporter here.

Great job Davii..I just wanted to stop by and say hi!! <3

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@brokenangel62 Hey :slight_smile: Good to see you. Thanks :slight_smile: