Hello, anyone in the group dealing with shingles in their ey

Hello, anyone in the group dealing with shingles in their eye?
I had a case in the summer and am still dealing with poor vision. I continue to see an opthamologist who monitors but really has no advice on treatment. Other than continuing anti virals and gabapentin. Has anyone regained their vision. Follow any protocols, have any advice?
Thanks for anything you can offer

I'm amazed at how many doctors send patients home without good care instructions of any illness. I do know one must be careful to wash hands if touch infection. Dont want to spread it. I have retina issue and i wish medical technology was more advanced. Keep searching for forums online. This group may not get much traffic.

@bebobaBetty thank you

Hi Lisapny - the problem with shingles in the eye is that the 'blister in the eye' can leave a scar on the eye itself - this is what clouds your vision. If it is a scar on the cornea, a transplant can restore the vision, if it is on a lower level, I don't think there's anything that can be done. The important thing for you is that the antiviral pills will prevent any new blisters in the eye. So your vision cannot get worse. Good luck!

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