Hello! Currently diagnosed w/shingles outbreak following an

Hello! Currently diagnosed w/shingles outbreak following and ER visit for stabbing pain in right upper thoracic area that radiated to upper rt should and upper rt arm. Two days later, what looked like hives erupted. Assumed I was allergic to the meds the ER Doc had prescribed. Went to my PCP, and was advised, no, this is shingles. This stuff is NOT for sissies, and I have a very high pain tolerance. Have to admit, this "stinging nettles" feeling is awful! I never had chicken pox, but a simple blood test showed I have the antigen for it. No wonder I never thought I'd have to worry about shingles. I've read that compresses of apple cider vinegar help alleviate this itchy/burning feeling. Any comments or insight here would be appreciated. Oh and yeah, this stuff started on my birthday.........some milestone right?

I developed shingles when I was in College. The rash was on my lower back and the lymph nodes in my groin area swelled and were extremely painful. That was in about 1976 and at that time there was nothing you could really do except weather the storm. The Doc told me it wasn't contagious but I beg to differ. My Dad and my Grandmother got it shortly after, I did. I know several people that got it right after the vaccine was made available.

@Ducktape do you have a bird? :slight_smile: