Hello every hw r u am new here i thank God for my please am

hello every hw r u am new here i thank God for my please am of seriouse relation nw age from 25 to 38 please some should help me out thanks

we are here let us know how we can help

Am John by age 38yrs living in Lawrence City i nd a young beautiful lady who is ready for serious relationship i had kids be for we Divorce and i nd a serious relationship

When you meet the right person, you will know.

@Ray.ald i agree with ur last post tanks

relationship has to start from some where get to no each other first

History has taught me that when we are ready, the right person will show.
of course you must be be an active member of society, in order to put yourself in places where you can meet someone. dress up but no too up! work on you conversation skills! learn to make a good first impression! the person decides within the first minute if they will give you a chance. make that first minute count.

that is good one. a Ward can change but life can nt change is all about love so i strongly agreed with u

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