Hello everyone, at the moment im super confused about my fee

Hello everyone, at the moment im super confused about my feelings and i’m hoping for someone to help me

Well first off. I’ve always been straight i’m only sexually attracted to men. But lately i’ve been having these feelings towards this one girl and only her. Like i would look at other girls and feel absolutely nothing (sexually and romanticlly). But with her i feel everything. She’s my best friend, she’s gay and she once told me she used to have a crush on me. But that a long time ago. Idk if i’ve always liked her and just starting to realize it or if i started having these feelings only now

And idk am i bi ? Pan ? What exactly? And how can i even be if I’m attracted to only one person from the same sex?

I wanna tell her but she’s already in a relationship and i dont wanna ruin anything

But also i dont mind her rejecting me as long as we stay friends
Does that mean i love her as a friend ?
But then again i have sexual feelings toward her. Could be that i forced it ?

I’m so confused and normally i would go to her for help. But I obviously can’t

I don’t know what to do. And I can’t stop thinking about her literally, I couldn’t stop thinking about her since the day i met her

Try not to worry about putting a label on yourself right now I'm sure you will gradually commit to one someday but for now you just know you have feelings for someone. Since she's in a relationship that makes things different for sure. If you don't want to interfere with her relationship then maybe don't say anything. If you are hoping she might reciprocate I guess then you would want to tell her. Maybe you should tell her just to get it off your chest, she might tell you nothing could ever become of you two then at least you will know for sure right?

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@Littleturtle1000 thank you for replying,

I know for sure that she’ll reject me. But i feel like i wanna get it off my chest. Am i being selfish? Should i say nothing since nothing is gonna happen ?

I was planning on telling her last night but she fell asleep and I chickened out

But i wanna know for sure yes