Hello everyone! Breast cancer is rough. I feel like I steals

Hello everyone! Breast cancer is rough. I feel like I steals from you pretty much what has help defined you for a very long time. My personal experience? It has imploded me. And I had to take the pieces and build myself all over again. But doing that, I discover I am much more stronger, determined and compassionate to myself that i ever thought. I have two rounds of chemo to go. Nobody in the world can prepare you for what you will face with chemo. It is very true that everybody is different. But I have also learn that having a support group is so important. We will all go to nuisances, and different struggles, but the battle is the same, is for our lives! You learn from other people, you can take advise. You can consult with your doctor what other doctors are recommending. Do not isolate yourself. It's. The worse you can do.

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Hello sweetie so good to hear from you again. I am glad that you are trying to stay positive through all of this right now. I think it helps you heal better. We are all here for you and by your side. I am so glad to hear from you have been thinking about how you have been coping. Sending big hugs and prayers your way. xo

Thank Jenni. How are you doing?

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@LatinMixy I am hanging in there just getting more autoimmune diseases and trying to deal with the symptoms of them but trying to stay positive. How are you feeling?