Hello Everyone I am a 43 yo male who was diagnosed with L

Hello Everyone

I am a 43 yo male who was diagnosed with Lyme disease about 5 years ago. Unfortunately I did not follow through on my anti-biotic treatment and now I am afraid this is starting to affect me in more ways than one but specifically my personal life as it relates to being irritable.

I am hoping to talk to other folks who may be in a relationship and having to deal with their own anger management issues. I am not physically abusive but I feel maybe I am emotionally abusive from the fact that I am easily irritate and then I loose control by raising my voice and becoming blaming as I react very quickly to something said by my partner. As an example, One night I am sitting on the couch minding my own business and my partner asks "what's wrong?" I respond very positively but I wonder what I am doing wrong that may prompt this question to even be asked. The following evening while laying in bed, I get asked the same question because I am staring at the ceiling just thinking some random thoughts and I loose it because I am feeling like I am not doing anything wrong and I didn't know there is a right or wrong way to be laying in bed. Does anyone else have a similiar type of situation and how did you cope with this in a positive manner vs. acting negatively?

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@Nhwmyami Welcome to SG! You will meet many people here, fondly called SG friends. The bottom of the page is a FAQ, it will assist you in navigating the site. The top right of the page are numerous groups, also there is a Support Someone icon, familarized yourself with them. You may join as many groups as necessary. There are Anger Management, and Relationship groups. SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow.....