Hello everyone, I am Cara, my daughter has Hodgkin's Lymphom

Hello everyone, I am Cara, my daughter has Hodgkin's Lymphoma, stage 3 BS, she starts Chemo next week. I am in all sorts of trouble taking care of her. May I ask for help please. Over and above all the normal symptoms she is dizzy and nauseous, we live in South Africa, where we are currently experiences extreme heat. I am thinking it is low blood sugar as with the normal HL sweats the heat is also taking its toll. Anyone with advice please?


http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/index.....This site also has Live Chat and phone contact to answer your questions.


I hope these help you out. Ask us more if you want more info. My prayers for your daughter!

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@rascal1 Thank you for the links, it is so much to learn!

@CaraVermaak3191... Hi, Cara. Sorry to learn of your daughter's Dx. You're not alone in this journey and neither is your daughter as she takes on HL.

Please be sure to share your concerns and ask questions so the onc and the medical staff are aware of the challenges and can offer support. I'm not familiar with the protocols for HL in South Africa; however, the key no matter where you live is to keep nurses, practitioners and doctors informed and to seek at least one other medical opinion to confirm the diagnosis and treatment. Also ask the medical staff about support groups offered in your area. I'll be sending positive energy and good wishes to your daughter. Many blessings, JP

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@JP_NHL Thank you for the care and the blessings, we are still in a state of shock, the medical staff have been kind but they are very busy so we are don’t intrude as yet, she will be admitted to hospital next week for her first chemo session. Blessings to you too.