Hello everyone! I am Erika and I am 26 years old. I have bee

hello everyone! I am Erika and I am 26 years old. I have been suffering from pain since I was around the age of 15. My two sisters have been diagnosed with endometriosis and I believe that is what I have been suffering with. I am in the military so it has been rough fighting for the diagnostic/treatment for this disease. I have tried every form of hormonal therapy with no help at all with the immense pains or bleeding. I am bound to a heating pad and pain meds once with out being able to do anything cause the pain is sometimes so unbearable. Well I have finally been told by my doctors to start thinking about surgery or ovarian suppression and I am pretty sure I want to opt for the surgery but I was wondering if anyone in this group has gone through ovarian suppression due to the same issues and can tell me their opinion on this possible choice.

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering so much and have had such a hard time getting treatment. It was 7 years of undiagnosed pain before I finally found a doctor who was willing to treat me. When my two little sisters started showing symptoms, I marched them into the doctor's office myself. I didn't want them to go through the same uncertainty and long, long wait to get relief.
The hormone therapy doesn't stop endometriosis, but it can slow it down. Ultimately us ladies all find ourselves facing the same choice: is it time for surgery?
Personally, I have found a lot of relief with surgery. The first surgery was such a marked difference in pain, that I actually forgot to take my painkillers! However, surgery isn't a cure. More like a reset button, and 2 to 5 years down the road you could find yourself considering the same surgery again.
Ovarian suppression is a treatment in which a woman is put into a temporary or reduced menopause. It's a good choice for women who are on that cusp of real menopause and want to get it started early (my primary care doctor had endometriosis and opted for this route). Some women will choose it if they are considering a hysterectomy and want some idea if removing the ovaries will decrease their pain. But ultimately, it's not a good route to go. You can only use ovarian suppression therapy for 2 years max. Not 2 years at a time, but 2 years MAX, as it increases your chances of osteoporosis. Most women don't like the side effects either and some have described them as worse than the usual symptoms of menopause.
Good luck whatever you choose.

@Raine14 Thank you for this insight. It has been hard and for me being in the military I am unable to just say I want this surgery. We have to go through so many different non invasive options first. I did not know that you were only allowed to use it two years max in a life time so that is really good information. It is very worrisome that infertility is a possibility with or without treatment. Like you said 2 to 5 years after surgery the very pain can come back so getting numerous surgeries increases the risk of scar tissue and infertility. I have no kids yet but I do want the chance to have some when I get through school and and have a stable home life. Do you have any tips on things that helped you in the past when it came to the pain?