Hello everyone. I am just joining this group. A long time fr

Hello everyone. I am just joining this group. A long time friend of mine had stage 3C rectal cancer about 8 years ago. He never talked to me much about it until recently. The cancer has never returned, but he is having issues with uncontrollable diarrhea at night. I wonder if anyone else is having this issue and if you have any tips that might help.

There are adult diapers for sale. Embarrassing as it might be, it might help at night. Cancer destroys your body, it cannot be helped if you have a 3c type of cancer, it's a very severe type of cancer. It's completely understandable that your long time friend is not so eager about talking of rectal cancer, since it's a very sensitive spot. I remember the drummer of the band KISS also not wanting to talk about his breast cancer. I think it just comes down to that your friend escaped death, but not completely unscathed. This might be a type of damage he is going to be forced to live with for the rest of his life. Because in all seriousness, if a professional surgeon could have done something about this issue, i think they would already have done so.

My suggestion is that he would do a quick talk/phone call with the surgeon who operated him, and tell him about his problems that he is experiencing. Maybe the surgeon has some helpfull hints/tips/references that can guide him to treating this awfull ordeal.

@xylitol how do u know that type of cancer destroys ur body? What evidence do you have. The human body can repair itself if it is given good nutrition, fluids & rest. Its the mind that can do more harm than anything.