Hello everyone i am new to this group

hello, i am a new member. i am currently in therapy because of depression and CSP (compulsive skin picking) which the therapist attributes to an anxiety disorder (i did not think you could be anxious and depressed at the same time so i learned something new)

i thought it might be beneficial to supplement my once a week therapy with a support group because i really don't have anyone in my life that i can really open up to about this.

Ms. Insanity

Hi Ms. Insanity,

I am relatively new here myself! I hope you like it here, I've only been on for about a week but already I feel very supported and able to talk to people who 'understand' me :)

I also have an anxiety disorder, but most of my therapy is about eating disorders. I hope you feel very welcome here, and I'm always here if you need to talk :)

Hope you are doing well today,

Ruth x

I also have anxiety and I am 16. I just got this today and have tons of advice. I think trying to listen to some relaxation music would work. It does for me. And Oof, I am glad that you feel supported. My bestest, and I mean bestest friend is name ruth too. I am very social so let me know if you guys need talking too. Hope all goes best !