Hello everyone, I haven't been on in a wile and a lot has ha

Hello everyone, I haven't been on in a wile and a lot has happened since then and it has all been amazingly positive so I wanted to share it with you all. I found out about my positive results almost a month ago, kept that to myself for two weeks, feeling terrified, unsure, scared and overall stupid that i let this happen. After going to the doctor and talking to her she made realize that having this is not that bad, it is something that 60% of the population have but most don't know and that will not affect me from living my life and having more babies. I have no symptoms so I might be one of those people that ends up not showing at all but it's still too early to know for sure. Since then I decided to tell my best friend, she's an RN, I couldn't deal with this alone anymore, she was so incredibly supportive I couldn't have asked for a better response. Joining this group has also helped me incredibly, being on here I made a friend and have gotten so close that we talk to each other everyday. I've built up my courage to tell more close friends and by doing so I fond out one of them has HSV 2 like I do. I've tried to go back to see who could have given this to me but since i have no symptoms and never shown them its hard, I could have had this and just not know at all. I told the person I think gave it to me but he didn't seem to care to much about getting tested.
I've accepted this fully and thats what I think you have to do to be able to live again. Hope my story helps somebody.

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This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!!!

Thank you for sharing your story! Though I was just recently diagnosed, I am trying to figure out how to live my normal college life..almost seems like it will be impossible

@alizab7 I think just leaning as much as you can and feeling comfortable with yourself is the best way to go. You just have to remember you are not alone in this.

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Nothing is impossible. Herpes is a virus. You manage your outbreaks with meds or keeping healthy. Yes there will be challenges dating but you can still have kids and live happily.

Love this story. So much positivity. You go girl.

@Bellabeth i guess what it comes down to is knowing by stories on here and others with it who are in relationships and that guys seem ok about it. plus no obs makes me able to remain positive and optimistuc. But even not having herpes dating was hard so really it hasnt changed. I can still do everything ive always done. My coping is being active and busy. Sitting around makes me think then i get down. I have a good life so im happy.

I agree 100% the feeling you get when you first find out is over whelming to say the least.you are not alone.believe that.i felt like was the only person on the planet with this.i found this forum and since being on here it has really helped me a lot.also from being on this forum,I have met the most amazing woman from this forum.well,we have not officially met yet.but we are making plans to do so very soon.we do talk every day.and to add a little more positivity for the ones that need it most.we have a lot of miles between where she lives and where I live.but she has made me feel like a human again.and for that I can't possibly thank her enough.the last thing I'd like to add.no I did not want this.but,without getting it.i never would have met this amazing woman.hope every can find the light find a way to see the light of hope.even in your darkest of hours.

Love this story because it is extremely similar to mine. I found out in January that I have HSV-2

This is so good to hear. I am happy for you! I myself am coming to terms with it. I haven't told anyone besides the support group here so I definitely need an outlet, either a family member or a close friend. I hope I am lucky like you have no outbreaks but only time will tell. I am just trying to educate myself.