Hello everyone! I'm back after a long break. Don't see any

Hello everyone! I'm back after a long break. Don't see any familiar faces, but hoping the spirit of comraderie is still the same. Looking forward to sharing & caring with this unique community :)

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Hello, how have you been doing lately? My aches and pains have been acting up I injured a few muscles plus arthritis on top of my foot it just won't get better this time. At least I've been enjoying nice weather.

@Littleturtle1000 HI. It’s been a lot better these past couple of months. I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I can relate to the pain. Have rheumatoid arthritis. Contrary to most people, I really enjoy cjold weather. Heat increases my RA flare, I’ve not had a good week, but looks like it’s easing up a bit… I’ll be glad for summer to be over…

Hey Phoenix welcome back. Is it the virus that's brought things to a head? It's a crazy old world we live in. I'm trying to chose to see how that makes the positives all the sweeter, but it sure is hard to do.
God speed.

@SirGrits Nope! I’ve been on lock down since 2015. Immune compromised & a truck load of health issues, but, now am doing better, post surgery (that’s another story)… Heat sensitivity has always been there, since birth… Guess the cocktail of meds pushed it past endurance. I’m no longer on meds, except insulin… So, it’s been both good & bad… When you have gone to hell & back, it’s easier to see positives in even the ti iest of things…