Hello everyone. Im new here. I have a 25 year old adult son

Hello everyone. Im new here. I have a 25 year old adult son who i believe is addicted to video games. We never noticed this before until he spent 4 months with us because of the pandemic. He lives in another state. He is lucky enough he has a job that allows him to work remotely from anywhere so we were so happy to have him home safe and sound. The thing is...he never came out of his room. He only came out to eat. Rest of the time he spent working and gaming. His room was a mess, dusty and it reeked. I could tell he hadn't showered because he smelled. We sat him down to talk to him and he only listened and gave us no feedback. It was heartbreaking to see such a talented, smart and kind young man turn into a zombie. He was cranky and moody most days. One of his sisters confronted him and he said video games were the only thing in his life that gave him joy. Mother's day came around and he who had never forgotten, didn't even flinched when he saw his sisters make a lunch for me...not a single word, same on his father's birthday. Please don't think im petty because he didn't say anything to me on mothers day...its the whole situation...its the compilation of events. I don't know what to do....we have no family where he lives....and we haven't heard from him since he left 2 months ago. He is like a whole different person. Maybe im overreacting and he just wants space?

Sounds like he could be suffering from an addiction disorder attached to video gaming. If so, he is unlikely to want to change until the pain and problems make him desperate for it. There are free support meetings held by Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous for him and stories of recovery on YouTube.

There are other parents dealing with this situation who share experience with each other on the forums and chat room of OLG-Anon. They have a weekly Thursday 9pm Eastern US time chat meeting. Here are a couple of useful links:
WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JiWyVHj3xisK2ONDis2gzK