Hello everyone.im new in this group, im 29 years old im marr

hello everyone.im new in this group, im 29 years old im married for nearly 2 years but we still dont have kids.i admit that most of the time i feel that i cant satisfied my wife.were doing it for more than seven years since she is my girlfriend in college days, and i noticed after were getting married, our sex life is not active just like before.i noticed also that im very fast to release my sperm, maybe im too excited,i cant control my emotions, so that it will explode very fast.me and my wife are talking about our sexlife for us to have kids, i tell her that i can feel that i have problem and i think its ED. she is also consult OB to take care her health.please give me advice what im going to do. thank you in advance.(im very sorry for my poor english and grammar.hope you will understand

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This sounds like it's very stressful for you. Maybe you should try to slow things down and just enjoy one another instead of stressing on how you'll perform.

If you feel she is not satisfied and you are finishing too quickly, have you guys tried to use toys yet? She may get off that way then you can penetrate her to make the roll in the sheets last longer.

@Wife0310 that’s a good way…add flavour…message me I may be of some help… dealt with this issue successfully for 20 years