Hello everyone. I'm new to this whole experience. I was diag

Hello everyone. I'm new to this whole experience. I was diagnosed with HSV1 with no outbreak or any symptoms at all. I haven't told anyone. I'm too ashamed so I decided to seek help. I would like to talk to someone that not judgemental and/or look at me different. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

How was it diagnosed, during a pap smear? Hugs and welcome!

It was a routine check up for blood work and STDs check up as well. To this day I still haven’t had any symptoms or outbreaks on my face or genital area. I shut down. I stop talking to everyone and of course sex. I wasn’t in a relationship but was friends with benefits.

Anonymous1speaking I guess I'm confused. HSV1 is not genital herpes. Even children get it from silverware that's not washed and ways like that. I believe symptoms of HSV1 are cold sores around the mouth area. Kissing someone who has a cold sore caused from HSV1 is a way to get it. I don't think HSV1 is transmitted through sexual contact under normal circumstances. That being said now more and more people are engaging in oral sex. If you have a cold sore, you can pass it to someone genitally. A_survivor is the expert here and would be able to weight in. I'll tell you that if I had my choice between HSV1 and 2, I would choose 1. I believe it carries less of a sigma.

I spoke to A_survivor. He gave me links on HSV. I’m starting to understand it a little more. However, I didn’t see any visual cold sore on the person I kissed. Other thing, I do like to kiss but every one I kiss I didn’t see any thing around or on their faces as far as cold sores or blisters.