Hello everyone my name is Luke and i am 16 years old, i wan

hello everyone my name is Luke and i am 16 years old, i wanna share my story with you guys as reassurance
as i know what it was like to suffer from HOCD, i first starting having these thoughts and images when i was 10, thoughts of what if im gay and i dont know or images of me being "gay" with people that i encounter throughout my day. id get major anxiety and id have to tell myself constantly that im not gay and come up with reasons why i could never be gay. before i knew it i was 15 having these thoughts all day everyday, i could hardly handle school and social life staying home on weekends instead of hanging out with friends spending most of my time focusing on my thoughts. no matter how many times i told myself im not gay id have to keep repeating it. i was like a broken record stuck on the same song. i finally had enough and decided to tell my parents what i was going through. seeking help from doctors here i am 6 months later currently taking 75 mg of zoloft and living life as a normal teenager should. my medication was my life saver. im not trying to promote drugs to u guys but if your level of ocd is as bad as mine id suggest seeking help. i cannot explain enough how much i enjoy life. i sit on my couch and chill without thinking about a thing. all because i told someone. OCD isnt something you can fight alone. please my friends get help. theres no feeling like looking at a girl and knowing your into her without worrying if your just lying to yourself. OCD uses our fears against us, these fears arent real. thanks for listening guys if you have any questions ill gladly respond.

Dors zoloft van cause ED?

Were you ever scared about nothing changing with medication or that you will find out you're gay?

@Kurtbayliss sorry for the late response Kurt and yes of course I believe that’s normal for any type of ocd. Thinking back to that every thought u have in ur mind is doubted and I was so fed up with living this way I didn’t care if I was gay or not I just needed the help

Thats true, many times medication is necessary when its severe

@HurdleGirl99 yes of course and the level I was at I needed more then CBT

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