Hello everyone. So... I'm new to this support group and trut

Hello everyone. So... I'm new to this support group and truth be told I'm a little nervous because I don't know what to expect. Ok so I have been diagnosed with shingles by a medical professional about 10 years ago. Wait before you carry on please continue to read about what I have to say. I know they say " you get shingles once and maybe even two times", but the thing is this is now my 11th breakout. Yes it's not a typo I did mean to write 11. My last breakout was May 2014. I thought to myself "yes I guess the universe has decided I've paid my shingles dues". I hurt my foot about a month ago "sprained" but my foot has not gotten any better so I'm thinking that this is what brought my immune system down and made the virus flare up. I'm so tired of suffering with this pain. The doctors keep telling me there's nothing that they can do for me. No shots because I'm too young. I don't think anyone who doesn't suffer with this disease can ever understand what a monster this disease is. Has anyone ever gotten shingles more than 2 times? I do homeopathic remedies to help the rash dry up a little faster and brings a little comfort. If any one is interested. I guess I just don't want to feel dreadfully lonely with this.

There's a vaccine available. I don't understand why the doctors aren't offering it? I think it's only free to certain populations/ages but you should be able to get it if you pay. Sounds like it would be well worth while for you!

You are vulnerable to the virus when your immune system is compromised. Have you been tested for auto immune diseases? Do you tend to get colds and such easily?

Oh, and about the group. There are lots of groups on SG that are not very active. If you don't get replies, maybe look for other groups here.

Are they not even prescribing you an antiviral?? Try the post herpetic diet. Avoid things like nuts, seeds, caffeine, coffee, chocolate. Maybe test yourself to see if you have a peach pollen allergy. It has a name of a tree but I cant remember it.

Oh, it is called birch pollen allergy. Can find on web. This site has interesting info about allergies.