Hello everyone, stumbled across this website. Just curious a

Hello everyone, stumbled across this website. Just curious anyone could offer some advice. You and your partner have been together 5+yrs. You guys find out that one is positive and one is not. Is the one who isn't positive wrong for leaving?

@dallas2016 First of all, I am sorry for both of you that you received news of a diagnosis. While it isn't the virus of 20+ years ago, and people going to lead healthy, productive lives with proper medical treatment, the news can be difficult to swallow. If two people love one another, support, not abandonment is critical. If a partner can't stay and in spite of this development, only time will make things better. Good luck!

@nubianjock thank you so much! It is definitely a hard pill to swallow and with much prayer I will get through. Guess its just still so fresh

I met a guy 3 weeks back. eveything was going really good. Just last week i went to make a blood test às things were oving forward with the guy. Monday i found out i was positive. The guy in question is kind of supporting and helping me, though i know the relationship wont continu as i wished. but still just knowing you have the support of that person is a big deal. Just the fct he said 'im here for u', gave me a lil hope.