Hello everyone. Today, for the first time in two years I w

Hello everyone.
Today, for the first time in two years I want to die... And here I thought all will be good.

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hi Lillyvi, may i be your friend?

I'm sorry everything is going bad in the moment. But things usually get better eventually.

Yes, i hole they Will, but now I feel like I am drowning in mud, and whatever I do is not working...

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Im so sorry please dont feel like that, i have felt like that to.. maybe we can talk and be there for eachother

It does get better even if it has to get worse just for a little longer. hang in there

Hugs... it will be good again.. Hang in there just like what you have done 2 years back. You fought to live and here you are, alive and well. Do You know what could be the triggers these couple of days?? Whatever that might be, please know that you are a survivor and you will get through these too. All these will pass.. Press on. Praying for you. God bless!

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Having faith in yourself is like a bright lamp in a storm. It keeps you moving no matter what.
Things always gets worse before they get better. The night is darkest before the dawn. Things will get better in time. It will depend on you.
Do not give in. Meditate, rest bathe, seek therapy.