Hello! First time posting here! I guess they say the first s

Hello! First time posting here! I guess they say the first step to a problem is admitting you have one. So I have a problem and I'm admitting it. I have a spending problem and I really need to start doing something about it before it gets any worse. I feel the need to compulsively spend. Anything I find cute? I need to buy it. Making sure I have a back up supply to my back up supplies just incase I run out of the products I'm currently using? Yupp. Buying things in excess in case they stop making it? Yes. Feeling the need to fill a void I have? Sure. Looking to get that super high from finding a good deal and buying something I like? Of course. Feeling guilty after spending money on stuff I don't need? Correct. Not being able to save for the future? Sadly true. Luckily I'm not in debt (yet), which is why I'm here. Although I'm not in debt, I have blown through my savings and have very little money left to my name. My husband and I want to have a child and I want to get 2 dogs (We already have 4 cats) yet I'm not going to be able to obtain any of those things if I don't get a handle on my spending. I'm hoping this website can help. Maybe writing a post on here every time I want to buy something could help curve my desire to spend. At this point I'm willing to try anything. My husband is very good at saving money and my money problems cause a lot of stress for him. My husband is the love of my life, but my spending is starting to effect my relationship, leading my husband to not trust me with money (which he shouldn't because I have earned no trust in that department). I want to be able to earn my husbands trust when it comes to my finances. I want to be able to afford and save for my future and the things I really want. I'm tried of spending money of material things. I need help.

HI, I completely understand where your coming from, its been going on for years for me, I am in therapy but also looking for people to talk to. The Pandemic didn't help when online shopping was the only thing we had. I too find myself buying useless things as well.

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I'm hoping that this website will help curve my addiction a bit. I'm hoping that by talking with others that have similar problems with spending and that by writing out my feelings instead of opening my wallet to buy them, it will help stop some of my desires to buy everything.

@Toocute51 Me too, unfortunately the internet is toooo easily accessible. I am trying to find ways to distract myself from the internet but its hard when you work on a computer all day. I am here if you ever wanna chat. Cuz sometimes the buddy system can work or help when or the other is struggling.

I would really love that! Being able to talk to someone who understands this issue would offer me a lot of comfort!

@Toocute51 I need the comfort too, my compulsion sucks, the more I try the more I want to shop, I see things and want them or I need something new to make me happy, I gained weight during covid and now none of my clothes fit right, had to buy more and then it just escalated, lost my job last June, then didn’t get a new one until Sept. Still spent money even though I was on unemployment, just hard all the time.