Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted something

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted something on here and I’m still really struggling with my identity, although I am trying to put less pressure on myself and let my sexuality come to me with time as some of you suggested. As I have experienced what helpful and positive advice you all have on this website, I thought I would mention some stuff my friends have been saying that is making me question myself even more. A few of my friends have been “joking” around (extremely politely I may add this isn’t anything bad) that I’ve been acting “gay” or that my friend could see me being pansexual, which I don’t identify with but am not opposed to in the slightest. One of my friends asked me if I came out to another one of my friends. Also, I accidentally slipped up earlier today when one of my bisexual friends was talking about how she “believes no one is ‘fully straight’” and I kind of but also not so jokingly said “yeah honestly that would be really boring,” and they all kind of looked at me and I had to play it off. I’m still being sure to give myself time before I come out or put a label on something as important as sexuality but it is making me curious why my friends seem to keep bringing it up in this way as they probably know more about me than anyone else. I mean maybe they’re just being teenagers or I don’t even know but I can’t brush off how many times someone has mentioned a change in myself. Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week! Any thoughts or advice you have is much appreciated, as always!

Self-discovery can change you in ways others notice. There's nothing wrong with saying you're questioning if someone asks or if you feel the need to volunteer that. I agree with the sentiment "no on is fully straight", for example on the Kinsey scale (a measure of sexuality on a scale of 1 to 6 with 1 as pure straight and 6 as all gay), almost no one is a perfect one or six, they are more likely a 2 or a 5. Define "just being teenagers." Teens don't act all one way, no matter what stereotypes may tell us. Do you mean immature or flippant? I'm not a social expert, but it seems to me like you're doing all right. Good job!

@Emma490 Thank you so much! Saying “just being teenagers” was not meant to stereotype teens into one group. I myself am a teen and it really bugs me when people do that :slight_smile: I suppose I was lacking in another adjective to describe what I was trying to say. I think what I was probably trying to convey was that I wasn’t sure if they were bringing it up without meaning anything by it, so I suppose flippant or nonchalant would probably be a better word. Either way, thank you for your reassurance! I very much appreciate your response :))